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Tripple screen setup with RFactor2

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Greg Southall, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Greg Southall

    Greg Southall

    I just can't seem to get the quality and playable frame rate with this game and I hope there is some knowledge out there on this aspect. All other games i.e. AC, iracing, and Raceroom can be played maxed out with my set up, but rF2 just doesn't behave.

    I'll keep this brief, my spec is more than capable, and doesn't really get challenged. As follows:
    3x30" mac cinema displays on a 3way SLI on 3 Titan cards generally playing at 5200 bezel corrected resolution (although some games ok on higher setting as we'll).
    Rampage Extreme with corsair water cooling, and corsair pro PSU, all running on 8.1 with 16gb of 2200 hyper ram, and 1TB SSD.

    The only thing I've read is that ISI have suggested switching off SLI. This didn't make any difference to me and therefore there is either:
    1. A set of magic combination settings to get rfactor2 looking and playing anything decent, or
    2. My expectations are to high, which is a shame as the physics of the game is up there.

    Anyone been in a similar situation?

    Ps. Moderators, if this is more applicable to be under rf2 discussion please advise, and or move accordingly please.
  2. I'm by no means an expert, and I don't have rF2 or Triple Screens, but I'm going to guess that because you have 3 Titans (and have a frankly awesome rig altogether) and because are playing maxed out on everything else that this is an rF2-specific problem and therefore perhaps better asked in the rF2 forum.

    Sorry but I don't have any answers to your problem though :p
  3. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    It's rfactor 2. I have triple 27" monitors and two 4gb GTX 680s and they can barely hold 60 fps with one car on track.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
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  4. Greg Southall

    Greg Southall

    Thanks for response. Didn't get a response from rf2 tech support on a different very specific issue, so didn't bother putting another in on this "more open" issue. Forum just says don't use SLI.
  5. Greg Southall

    Greg Southall

    Good to hear you share similar issue (sort of) but a shame that you too sound like this has frustrated you.
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  6. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    It has, I'm not one to knock someone's hard work but I'm at my wits end with rFactor 2. I purchased the beta access well over a year ago and it really doesn't feel like anything has been fixed.
  7. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    Can't help you unfortunately but try posting this in the rFactor 2 part of RD, not many people venture into this part of the forum so you might get some more help there :p
  8. It might be something to do with the SLi as your system kicks butt in more than one way. I use to battle with fps in rf2 but since upgrading from a GTX680 to GTX780Ti I can now run everything on max and averaging between 80-100+ fps with full AI.
    Have you read up on the forums which settings to enable and which to disable. Ie: v-sync, triple buffering.......
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  9. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    I have not going on their forums at all. Looking to get some new cards this summer when they replace the titans as the highest Uber cards. The other problem I have with it is there isn't any feel of weight transfer and it feels like your on ice lol
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  10. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    Thanks @Marcin Bakowski I'll try and give that a go tonight if I get a free moment to do some laps. The wife already has an action packed honey due list waiting for me at the end of my 11 hour work day lol.
  11. I've had excellent results in my GTX 680 SLI setup. Even better now with the 780Ti - both at 5760 x 1080 across three screens.

    These are the FPS using Build 494 and a standard test using 16 AI GT-Rs at Silverstone. High to max settings. Myself at the back of the grid for the start.

    Red = 780Ti single card 3GB
    Blue = 680 SLI 2GB x2

    picture share

    VRAM usage is around 1.8GB for 16 AI at Silverstone. With the 680s it was just over the 2GB level. Temperatures goes to 58C under load.

    @op - what are your system specs?
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  12. That's interesting.
    When you had your 680s, you had better results with SLI than with just one GPU?
    Do you have tips on what settings/profile to use?
  13. I only ever used them in SLI but did use nVidia inspector. Used the default profile in the driver for rFactor. Always been fine for me. 30% boost over that 680 SLI set up with the 780Ti which rocks. I never use multiscreen though as it saps too many FPS.
  14. "Multiscreen" is that what's called "multi-view"?

    And I'm not even sure what multiview is. Is it when the peripheral monitors' image takes into account the angle at which the peripheral monitors are set?