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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ken Bethards, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. I was looking around some of the triple monitor rigs and started reading up on them. The Matrox triple head required 3 monitors of the same size and for best results running an sli configuration. The up side it does support GPL and alot of other games. I did some more searching and found a software program SoftTH, Software Triple Head. It lets you mix and match monitors and the second card is more a frame buffer and runs a small monitor so it can be a inexpensive card.

    I dug around and got a couple of more Lcd panels to go with my main one. I'll post the results later this week. If anyone has tried this I'd be happy for any tips you may have. The version I downloaded is 1.07 If this works I guess my fantasy setup would be a pair of 4:3 20" with my 24" at 5100x1200:becky:

  2. I posted a link to this same software a while back:
    SoftTH - Software Triple Monitor utility
    ... never tried it, would like to and am interested in hearing back on your findings

    if you search you tube there are some vids there too
  3. Im using the TH2G Analog and 3 19 dell screens.
    GTR2 is a problem, it doesnt support the max res, so i have to turn it down to 3 x 1280 x 720. shame but at least GTR Evo has support for 3 x 1280 x 1024 and does Race 07.

    Im not using softTH, i do kind of wish i did, but hey!

    IT all depends on your use, BF2 works great, Race07 too, Fear also, but the older games are not supported..GTR2 GT legends, GP Legends, ect.
    So watch out, iL2 is another problem for the TH2G.

    Enjoy your triple screens bud, its another world.

  4. I use softh with 3 17 philips screens.
    It works with GTL, GTR2, GTR evo
    The only problem is for GTR2 online..because the online doesn't support hight resolution.
  5. You need two graphics card for softh and one with TH2G...
    When you try the Triple screen..it becomes a drug...
  6. I just bought the tripple head 2 go Digital edition. I have 3 22" Dell monitors which support 1680 x 1050 but the max I can get is 1280x1024. Really am hitting a brick wall now as I have tried everything on the matrox site but still cant up the resolution.

    Any tips, help???

  7. I have a Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS which I believe is Directx10 compatible??
  8. Yep, nice one!
    Get DX 10 on then use the util mate, let me know how you get on.
  9. SHoudl I be able to run 1680*1050 on each screen???
  10. Yes bud, you should be able to select your res, your main screen and also to make it '1' screen also.

  11. I use the one that came with the matrox box
  12. Calbes should not be the issue, but there was a software update which allows widescreen resolutions, link is also here from Jai in post no.8. Update your software, that should be the solution.
  13. They are sadly, only dual cables can carry such a signal, but that as you said isnt the problem here!

    Smudge, let us know how your getting on bud.

  14. Well i have ordered the cable to be sure, i have downloaded everything amd still no joy!!!

    Waiting for tech support to come back to me
  15. well tech support said I should run it but if i am damned if i can!!! really fed up now, can someone add me on msn and talk me through it please

    msn - smudgewales@msn.com

  16. well through frustration I have decided to give up so if anyone wants a TH2G only week old mail me!!!!
  17. [Central Topic] Triplehead2go?

    A while back I was considering buying a 'Matrox TripleHead2go' but as I am about to get my second nVidia 8800gtx (each with 2 dvi outputs = 4 dvi-out) for a sli configuration, can't the same results be achieved just with the cards outputs or is it different? Does it differ from game to game? How is it done?
    I mainly play (at the moment anyway) GTR Evolution by the way and if anybody can help with suggestions and/or links I'd be very grateful. Thanks in anticipation.