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Triple screen

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by indiemo20, May 24, 2014.

  1. How in the hell do you get triple screen to not look so [mod edit: no swearing please] up on sidescreens ?

    Set resolution to 5760+1080 and use cam hack 3.0..........Still looks like ****.

    Anyone running triples and got them looking something similar to iracing,ac,rfactor?.....please somebody help
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  2. No one running this on triples aand making it look ok-ish?

    Right side mirror i cant see...
  3. not me, sorry
  4. Shame,,,such great physics
  5. I don't have triple screens either, but just throwing it out there. You can modify fov and aspect ratio ingame when using camhack. I don't know if these adjustments would get you closer to what you want or not, just a suggestion.
  6. Thanks for the tip,,,have been using camhack but can not
    get a proper view with that.
  7. Did you open Camhack from Plugins tab at RSRBR 2014 before starting RBR? If you did then when when start of stages hit * (multiply), then it should be perfect.
  8. But if i have my side screens at an angle of about 55 degrees ?
    Cant get it to look right....change resolution to 5760-1080....start camhack and leave running......can just see my righ side mirror and everything is stretched on side monitors.

    Looks really wierd,,,,nothing like other sims.....what am i doing wrong?

    It looks the same with or without camhack running,,,only difference i can move the cam aroun with camhack and
    some aspect af fov changes....but that does nothing for the stretched look.
    Must be some minor thing i am missing.

    Looks like rfactor with multiview disabled.
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