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Triple Screen (screenshots and replays)

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by SLuisHamilton, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    Im curious about a screenshot i get. It was saved a copy on AMS main directory in PNG format and with over 7mb size. I cant even post it since didnt find free image host to this size but im using as background wallpaper because is great.
    It was taken using f12, i believe, like all my screenshots (never changed this setting). All my screenshots are saved on steam folder. But this one got one copy on AMS main folder, as i said before.

    Also i only can take screenshots in full Windows using instant replay. When i hit ESC, to watch replays, my replays are croped to only center screen. Not scaled. Any one has na idea about this 2 questions?
    Thanks and sorry my english will be my new signature
  2. The replay has always been centre screen only, I think it is the same right back to rFactor.

    I am not sure what you are asking about the screenshot. If it helps, the game is also set to take screenshots using F12. (this is separate to Steam screenshot). You can change this key in the controller menu. You can also set where you want these screenshots to be saved, by changing the screenshots line in the game config file (n documents/Automobilista folder).
  3. Will try to explain better.
    All my screenshots are saved where they supposed to be (except for one). All taken with F12 in instant replay mode (R key)
    Here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\....\screenshots
    Average size is 2,3 Mb

    When i hit Esc replay only shows in center screen (instead full screen like instant replay) and not scaled but cropped
    Like this:
    Or this:

    What i want is to know if there is some setting to config replays (not only instant replays) to show in full screen or at least, if wasn´t possible, in the right proportion, not cropped (i think the word is scaled)

    Plus, just out of curiosity, if someone could explain why i had only one screenshot in AMS main directory with 7mb + (about 4,5mb bigger than average and on PNG format)
  4. Even better (just take now):
    First on instant replay mode, second on garage replay. When using replay editor it becomes just like second picture