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Triple screen mode?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Cosimo, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Cosimo


    I bought the game yesterday, assuming that triple screen mode worked nicely, with multiview (multiple rendering views for each screen), but I was very disappointed to see that my 5090x1080 screen image seemed to be just the regular 1920x1080 stretched horizontally to cover the three screens...

    Even the initial game options and loading screens are stretched...

    Later I discovered you can set the aspect ratio to 21:9 to mitigate the issue, but I couldn't find any other related setting.

    What gives? Is there some other option I haven't seen yet?
  2. Cosimo


    Nobody running triples?
  3. McM


    I would be interested in a solution too...
  4. i am running triple screens # x 1920x1080
    cente screen is the normal screen
    left and right are more :) like when you look left on one screen

    Using a nvidia card titan x
    and it's amazing :)
    tried running 3 4K screens but then my titan X needs a buddy in SLI

    in nvidia software enable surround screens

    Not tested this with ati cards but i gues will also work with there software
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  5. I have a triplehead2go. The only way for me to get the right aspects ratio is to run in windowed mode. In non-windowed mode the game looks strechted.
  6. McM


    How is your performance? Is it very bad or is it normal like on other games?
  7. O H

    O H

  8. TurcoMaldade_


    Three screens here:

  9. Anyone care to translate basically how to set up the triples w/o the sides appearing as stretched? :)
  10. TurcoMaldade_


    I don't think that's possible.
  11. Oh, I asked because the video didn't appear to have the sides stretched,... or were they? In mine, the sides do and I can already see the side panels of the driver's seat, while in the video they don't seem to appear (though it doesn't seem to be shown fully?).