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Triple screen help Nvidia

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Alex72, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Hello guys!

    I just setup triple screen for AC (nvidia) but i cant get it to work. I tried to just fire up AC and use the triple screen option in video settings but that gives me just the middle screen with big resolution. I then checked the nvidia surround option but that cuts out my middle screen (turns it off).

    I have middle screen on DVI and the other two on Display Port. Do you need the surround option turned on or was that before Kunos added the "triple screen" option in video settings? In any case with surround it sees the two side monitors but i cant tick the middle one. Not sure what im doing wrong. Any help greatly appreciated. :)

    EDIT: Whatever i do with surround im only allowed to choose 2 monitors. My middle (DVI to DVI) cant be ticked and it says i can only select 2 monitors. Maybe all 3 monitors have to be DVI to Display Port?

    EDIT2: Never mind. There was a drop down for 1x3 monitors in the surround window lol. Time to test again.
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  2. I have another question i havent seen an answer to yet. When having the side monitors angled towards me (like 45 degrees for example) it doesnt seem to matter when using rotation_spinner (AC triple app). It still have that weird in "reality bend" angle when it goes from center monitor to side monitors. The only way to make it completely even over all monitors and no strange bending of "reality" i have to set the monitors straight in a row on the table. I want to have them so i sit "inside" where the side monitors are angled down beside me, but i dont see that rotation_spinner value helps remove the reality bending (bad english here lol i dont know what to call it). The track, fences etc (everything) looks bent between middle monitor and side monitors at the bezel/frame egde.

    Any ideas or is this how it is maybe?
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  3. The Stig™

    The Stig™
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    First have you correctly adjusted your bezel thickness in Nvidia surround? Once everything lines up you should be able to adjust your angles from the app.
  4. I did the bezel thickness in AC in game triple setup app. And it looks perfect "bezel wise". It flows perfectly as it moves from middle to sides. I dont think i saw a bezel option in nvidia surround, but if its corrected in the AC app maybe it should be enough since objects fit perfectly from center to sides? Its just the bending of reality at the edges that is weird. I will check bezel option in surround.
  5. Found it thanks. Is it normal that the bezel correction values can be very different on each monitor even though they are sitting pretty much at the same height and angle? Gonna test AC and see now.

    EDIT: Bezel correction in surround broke the continuity in AC, but i noticed that when i hunker down it all evens out. I guess my monitors are too low on the side (even though they are all level).
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  6. Your eye level height is very important to not see weird stuff at center/side screen transition. It's made to be ok with eyes sitting half screen height and nothing else. No need for bezel correction in surround, I use only the AC one. Don't be afraid to play with the other values in the AC app too. I ended up not using "as measured" values for a more natural feel in the end.
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  7. Cheers mate. Yeah for me to be able to have the monitors angled at a 45 degree i had to raise all monitors about 10-12cm from the table. It doesnt look nice and i had to use onboard app to lower the cockpit to not feel like i was sitting on the floor lol. I might go back to have the monitors all in a straight line since that removes the angle issue. Just feels more real to have them angled and sit "inside" pit style.

    And yes, i noticed i can correct the bezel in AC alone. Surround bezel correction is only for games i guess that dont have the option in game.
  8. Oh how Pascal and SMP will Change the world of triples FOREVER!!!!! Lol
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  9. norbs


    When ever that is!
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  10. Google is your friend. :thumbsup:

    Nvidia SMP and your world as a triple user will NEVER be the same again.
  11. norbs


    Is that from experience?
  12. I wish, I cant justify ditching my 2 980ti's for anything more. Ill wait for Volta personally, but if buddy teases me with his 1080's come time for 1080Ti's....i might go that route if he gives me a good enough deal. lol

    In case you didn't know Stefano has tweeted about working on the SMP. so while not implemented yet, it will surely be in a future build.
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  13. Sounds great! Its indeed annoying to have to have the monitors so high up to get rid of the bend between monitors. I popped them down and put them straight on the desk to get rid of it because i dont have a triple monitor stand yet and stacking game boxes under them kinda sux. :D
  14. norbs


    I built a moving triple setup..


    Pushes back flat when not racing. :)
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  15. norbs


    Good to know. I imagine it will be some time off. Should give a nice FPS bump too. I dont believe nVidia when they say 40% though. :)
  16. I always recommend to watch this video when it comes to correct monitor angle and FOV calculation. It's fairly easy to calculate the side monitors angle so that your line of sight will be perpendicular to the center of the side screens, when you look at them. Once that is sorted and FOV is correct, then it's a truly immersive experience.

    What do you mean by "reality bend"? AC has triple screen rendering, so you shouldn't get the distorted image like you see in pCARS for example, which doesn't have triple screen rendering. If you use the triple screen app and set the correct angle to match the real angle between your monitors, then everything should be ok. But there is a small catch, I remember that the way the angle is calculated in the AC app is not the most intuitive way. The angle is measured actually between the side monitor and the extension of the center monitor, "at the back of the side monitor", so at 0 deg. your monitors are in a straight line. In order to understand how it's represented, go to 0 deg. and then to 90 deg. and check how the monitors are shown in the app. I'm sorry, but there is no other way to explain this any better :unsure:

    This is also a good read: http://www.isrtv.com/forums/topic/19244-bad-triple-monitor-support-in-project-cars-explained/
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  17. norbs


    Thanks for that. And yes, as with everything Kunos touches, it has been half arsed. The triples app is ok when you understand what it is trying to do, but as usual, **** all documentation on using it.
  18. I moved my screens 45 degrees and then set the rotation value to 45 in AC. I thought that would combat that angle issue but of course it didnt. What it does do is awesome though and its missing in many other titles. In Dirt Rally i found online a value in one of the CFG's that did the same thing. But i noticed that most games even though when they have triple screen (some) support its still stretched like hell on the side monitors. So the triple screen app in AC is very welcomed.

    @Mircea Rad Thanks for the video. Gonna check it out. :) The "reality bend" is what you see in the video as well. Before even starting the video you can see the still image of what i mean. Metal railing going from middle to right monitor doesnt flow straight but bends downwards as it comes into the right monitor. I see that unless i move my eyes in line almost at the bottom of the screens. See below. Maybe there is something else you can do to not having to sit with the monitors so high up. I dont know. Norbs, see bottom of the post. More text there for you.


    @norbs You dont seem to sit further below your monitors in that image in your post. Seem you got your eye line at the center almost. If i do that i see the "world" bend on the side monitors where they meet the middle screen. Like in the images above. I have to have my eyes almost at the bottom of the middle monitor to not see that and have the world lined up perfectly between middle and side monitors.
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  19. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    I was able to pretty much dial that out using the triple screen app. I have the side monitors in front of the center monitor so from this perspective it looks like there's a slight break where the images line up, but you can see that warping you describe isn't really there.