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Trading Paints

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Marquez, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. In the process of making sure that everyone has each other custom paints that they have created for any and all of the iRacing cars, helmets and suits. Which will make it easier than compiling a skinpack for each individual RDiR League and Club events. Will keep you guys posted.

    If you have signed up on Trading Paints to upload/share your paints please post here. I know alot of you do. Thanks :)
  2. I'm on Trading Paints, its worth downloading their app too to help download any lists we create for series
  3. Yep totally agree with you mate. Light bulb went off in my head at 1:30am this morning lol.
  4. I am on TP also
  5. Me too, thanks Will!
  6. I'm on there as you know per our conversation at 3am this morning... lol... That ol sun came a bit too early for me... :frown: I'll see about getting that little tutorial video together that we talked about.
  7. Yes I am a member to
  8. I'm a member. 3:00 am? You guys have some serious issues! :chat:
  9. hahaha my real issues came out when I had to get up this morning...
  10. I'm also on TP
  11. I'm on tp too
  12. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Same here. Best to create a list so we can just download the skins for RD.
  13. I'm also on TP
  14. I'm on tp now too :) But I have no knowledge in skin making, so I was very happy when I started with iRacing, the built-in simple paints usually goes far enough for my liking. Though sometimes I get irritated it's a little limited. But not enough for me to learn to make my own custom skins.. I'll just download the skins you upload :)
  15. Just joined. I second the list suggestion. I don't need all those paints on my HDD, but would love to be able to subscribe to a RD list and get everyone's paints at once.
  16. Ditto
  17. I am a member to
  18. Right on Abdul! Yes please
  19. Created a "RaceDepartment Paints" list in Trading Paints for those that have posted here and also went thru the RD Friends list and added driver names to this list. You can upload any and all skins that you may have so that others will be able to download them prior to future RD iRacing events and be able to see your custom paints.

    If you do not see "RaceDepartment Paints" listed when you upload your paints please let me know and I will add your name. Thanks :)
  20. Just a reminder I've added everyone in this thread and from the RD friends list that has a TP account to the "RaceDepartment Paints" list. I see some have already added their custom skins to the list. Would be great to see more so everyone can see each other's paints while on track for any future RD events. Go on and add em! :)