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Trackside lighting issues - possible fix?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by mmpaw37, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone!,

    Firstly, i must say that in my opinion, F1 2012 is a great game and i'm enjoying it, all the more so with people on these forums creating great mods making this edition of the game even better!.

    However, at least from my perspective, there seems to be an underlying issue that really needs attention, and that is the trackside 'lights'/ Floodlights, whatever you want to call them, at Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

    Now, i know that Patch#4 on the PC, supposedly rectified at least 'Some' of the lighting issues, mainly the cars were quite rightly, very very dark, however this was addressed.
    Now, the problem that has been troubling me is the actual colour of the trackside lights. If anyone were to look at either the onboard camera or tv camera shots in real life, you will see that the colour of these 'lights' are white, NOT yellowish or orange in colour.

    In the game F1 2012, if you take notice of the trackside floodlights/lights, Codemasters have insisted on making the lights yellowish/orange, this colour is also within the lighting 'Bloom' effect.

    Now, we know that over at the Codemasters official forums, we are now at Patch#11 and they have stated that this will probably be their last Patch, for the PC at least.
    I have also placed a request over at the Technical assistance forum, informing CM of my views on the lighting colour and, to be honest, we all know that they have also stated that they will not accept personal requests.

    My question or request is to anyone on these forums that can or will amend these 'colour' issues by modding the colours?
    Again, if i had the knowledge i would do it myself, however this unfortunately isn't something i can do but, with that said, i'm sure there are some of you on these forums that have the knowledge to do this 'change'.

    So, i'm asking anyone out there that can fulfil my needs, or give me some information enabling me to perform these changes myself.

    Any thoughts or suggestions is highly acceptable.

    Many thanks in advance for anyone who can do this!
  2. Yes, i'm quite aware of the mod request thread and have put my previous requests in there.

    I have not created a new thread in the sense i do not know where to place a 'request', i have merely done it this way as i thought it would be more noticeable.

    I think there needs to be some kind of overhaul to the mod requests subject, i have noticed there have been many users complaining in the mod request thread that their 'requests' are not being heard.
    I'm also aware that, just because someone places a request for something, there is no guarantee that their request will be fulfilled.

    In my opinion, the request thread is getting 'messy' to say the least, in the sense that if the thread was merely a 'request' thread, that is what it should be used for, not for discussing further topics which on many occasions this has been the case.

    Sorry for being blunt and direct, i just wanted to state my reasons for creating my thread and also to not clutter the mod request thread up.

  3. In fact, I do agree with you; and I did not want to offend you in any way.

    The only problem is, as could be seen with the F1 2011 mods section, that there are going to be hundreds of requests, and that makes the whole mods section messy.

    So I want to apologize if you felt offended.
  4. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    So why we dont split up the section requests with: Helmets, Skins, Database, Others?
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  5. I have forwarded this idea to the Moderators, let's see what they think about it.
  6. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    A lot of people have trouble putting request in one request section.

    Can you imagine the mess if there was four?

    If the forum section were used as they are intended to be used, they wouldn't be in such a mess.

    Perhaps one way of getting the questions etc in the correct part of the forum, if is the moderators were less tolerant, and just removed threads instead of moving them, the message might get across this way.

    The F1 2011 forum turned into a right mess which Bram tried to repeatedly clean up, this was down to people just not choosing to post in certain sections feeling the need to have their voice heard louder than others.

    Correct postings = tidy forums.

    Incorrect postings = a right mess
  7. Brilliant idea!, i seriously think this is the way to go. As you may or not be aware, i am in Racedepartment terms, a somewhat 'new' addition.
    Since i had the opportunity to seriously upgrade my PC, i was stuck with playing the F1 series on my PS3, which i might add has been very poor with these F1 games.

    Since upgrading my PC, i'm finding the CM F1 series of games are more enjoyable and, with the addition of being able to 'upgrade' the games with peoples excellent mods, its a million times better!.

    Again, the point in question is the requests, now i'm sure there are better ways of making requests without them getting 'lost' in all the other posts that come along with them.

    I hope that the moderators can possibly shed some light on this, possibly amending this increasingly seeming pattern.
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  8. You do have a point (as almost always), but I don't think having four request sections would make the whole thing worse. In my humble opinion, the only messy thread would be the Helmet request thread, since this is what most people wish for.

    I think there wouldn't be any trouble in the database section, since there aren't too many database mod requests at all; and Skin requests happen very rarely anyway.

    I agree on your opinion on the F1 2011 forum, but this is something we can't really affect since we are no moderators.
  9. I hear you ML2166, all very good points. By the way, may i take this opportunity to thank you for all your great work, i as well as others appreciate this very much...thankyou!.

    But again, back to the point in question...the requests. I'm sure you all have noticed that there has been many people voicing their opinions regarding their requests, some more than others are driven to the point of sheer frustration as it seems that the modders (people who actually have the ability to make these mods) are providing a Free service to those who don't have the ability to make what they so clearly request.
    And therein this creates the problems.

    I think there are many people out there who have the idea that when they request something, automatically the 'modders' should produce them, when clearly this is not the case. I was the same when i first was using these forums, however through time i've learnt that the people who create these mods do so at their own pleasure and time, and we have to respect that.
  10. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    I think it wouldnt be messy if we would create the request part, there you can open a new thread with the title with a short descriptin. In the Thread there can be talked over it, like that someone will do it or presenting how far his wortk is.

    Then it wouldnt be messy.

    So like that:

    Vettel Abu Dhabi 2012
    Username blablub: Yep, i think ill make it...

  11. This is exactly what i was thinking. Its obvious why people vent their frustrations in the mod request thread, if there were more in the way of an actual reply to the request i think it would solve most of the issues.
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  12. Unfortunately, Tom Endres stated that there's too many sticky threads already, so it won't happen in the near future.
  13. Also, what i have noticed is the fact that there are some request that are more so on the 'fantasy' side, rather than requests of actual real life items.
    Not to say that requesting 'fantasy' items is a bad thing, its just that i think with these type of requests these are the ones that become 'unnoticed' in a sense.

    Maybe a separate request thread is needed just for these types of requests, as with so called 'Official' real life item requests.
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  14. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Whilst this is indeed some sort of request I'm reluctant to close this thread since it's more of a general issue instead of a personal request. Your thread is ok and can stay, mmpaw37.

    This is indeed correct but I'll try to find a solution, no ETA tho.
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