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Tracks You Love To Hate

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Wayne Reed, May 1, 2010.

  1. Hi guys i thought about this last night how about a list of tracks you love to hate

    1. Silverstone
    2. Nurburgring (not the nordschleife thats cool)
    3. Valencia Street Track
    4. Melbourne
    5. Monza
    I dont like Silverstone just because its old but hoping the new 1 will be good:pray:i dont like the Nurburgring never have from when that changed the track in 02 i loved the old 1 thou. Valencia street is jsut poo to drive and to watch. Melbourne never linked it bring back Adelaide. monza just to many laps round there.
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    1. Enna Pergusa (because of those two, you know)
    2. Anderstorp (just can't get it right)
    3. Estoril
    4. Hockenheim
    5. Top Gear test track
    Mostly don't like them because I haven't done enough km's on them, so lets drive them in the club :D
    1. Porto
    2. Hockenheim (new layout)
    3. Istanbul
    4. Monza
    5. Nürburgring-GP
    The new hockenheim layout i realy cant stand its a totaly nogo for me same as Istanbul cant get compfortable with it
  3. 1: Dijon
    2: Jarama
    3: Sears
    4: Algarve

    Dont know more at this point. :D
  4. Just one, Circuit de Valencia.

    Hate it with a passion.

    Monza is also up there...
  5. 1. Abu Dabi (Damn you Hermann Tilke)
    2. Silverstone (except old Silverstone 88 or so)
    3. Enna
    4. Street Tracks (Porto, Pau, Macau)

    counts melbourne also as street track ? cause I like melbourne
  6. Hate tracks with slow sharp corners and those with big curbs so i dislike these 4
    1: Imola
    2: Magny-Cours
    3: Laguna Seca
    4: Zolder

    Love fast tracks with sweeping bends and some good straights so some that i prefer are
    1: LeMans (any layout)
    2: Spa (the older the better)
    3: Rouen
    4: Limerock