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Tracks not listed here

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by scotchjock, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Just thought I'd share a track I found while watching a you tube video, it is not my work but was surprised not to find this in the tracks download section, anyway here's the link to download the track Joux Plan. Sorry link removed as may not be legal.

    Be nice to know if there are any other tracks elsewhere that's not listed in the download section on here.
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  2. Some are illlegal conversions why they are not hosted if they did not or cannot get the o.g. devs blessing then there is no legal basis for them to be porting them.

    Now for RBR, which i think that track comes from the devs are no more but still his track will not be allowed on the official forums nor do i think here due to the lack of permission.

    There are a bunch of tracks like that some lifted out of grid, some converted out of rfactor without the authors permission.

    Your best bet to find them is to dig around the steam forums people post links all the time to the more questionable or outright illegal content.
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  3. Right ok, should I remove the link?
  4. I would but not 100% sure on that point but to be safe i would say so yes.
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  5. Link removed, thanks for the info.
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  6. Phil Davies

    Phil Davies

    Regarding Tracks not listed here,From my experience of trawling the net,All of the legal talented Track modders upload their work here at race department.