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TrackEd texture problems

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by berzingue, May 14, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I try to export my first track in Racer. And It seems to be a long way to goal !!

    First problem to solve : textures.
    I've created a .ASE file with 3dsmax 2010, and converted it as .DOF.

    In TrackEd 7.7.0, 3d model is there, but there is no texture. Why ??

    there are submaterials in 3dsmax...
    My textures are .dds, contained in "racer>data>track>mytrack>textures" file...

    what is wrong?

    Thanks a lot for your help...

  2. Racer uses only tga (24 or 32 bit, uncompressed or RLE) as far as I know.
  3. I think it can use dds, but not sure. other issue is unless your shader is pointing to that textures folder, there is no need for a separate texture folder.
  4. .DDS images are acceptable. Your problem may be that the texture images are not in the track folder, ie. contained in "racer>data>track>mytrack! lose the textures folder within the mytrack folder.
    Then it should work.
  5. I suspect a problem with modelisation, sub-material texture application, .ase export or something like that...
    can somebody have a look on this little test and explain me what's wrong ??
    I've made a very simple object test : here is the link to dowload .max and track file...
    If somebody can send me a .max track example witch works correcly
    Thanks for your help
  6. Ok, finally it works. In trackEd, must press "Track_Template.shad" and rename it as "track.shd" in "my-track" directory.

    Thanks you all :)