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Track will not Load in rFactor

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by slots2014, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    This is my first post. I am having problems after exporting a new tract to rFactor. It just will not load.
    I am getting a G Motor 2 error and "error loading texture global material for roada 2065"
    I also had another error "error loading texture balcony for road a 2065.

    I am using the latest version of BTB on Windows 8.1
    Anyone got any ideas what is wrong. When I used the previous version of BTB, I didn't have any errors
    and my tracks loaded ok
    Appreciate any suggestions
  2. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    A great way to test is
    1. Does a very basic track (just the track) export and load ok. If it does, then (assuming it does work)
    2. Save your project under a new Name (for safety) and then progressively remove items, export, load until it works again. Each time remove objects/walls/sobjects/terrain/tracks until you can identify the offending object/material/texture.
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  3. Thanks for that Brendon, will give it a try
    Many thanks
  4. Hi Brendan,
    I did as you suggested and I have got a basic track up an running. the problem was the Xpacks I had created with Sketchup 6 graphics were not loading. Pity because these were pretty damn good.
    many thanks
  5. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    With rFactor I think its fussy about the format of textures. It might be worth trying to convert to DDS format if you hadn't already done so.
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  6. And make sure all texture dimensions are powers of 2.
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  7. Thanks for the info, I will persevere and let you know how I get on

  8. I have been experimenting with the Xpacks I created and have finally got some of them working and loading into rFactor,
    I downloaded a couple of freeware programs "Pixillon Image converter" which will batch load and change the image sizes. I also downloaded a DDs converter "X2Y". This batch converts jpeg to dds format plus others.
    I am still experimenting but what I did initially is to change my jpegs to 512 x 512 and then convert these to dds and place in the correct directories for the Xpacks. There is probably an easier way but this worked for me and I have now been able to load the Xpacks to rFactor and load the track without any errors I would be pleased to hear your opinions on this method and if there may be any downside to it.
  9. I am having a very similar issue where I too am getting the "error loading texture for roada number".

    First, I am very new to Bob's Track Builder and XPacker. I am also very new to using Sketchup, but I learn fast and I have done a lot of homework. I have already created several models in Sketchup, some are very complex, but for this discussion I will use a simple 2 texture wire fence object for this example.

    I add the fence model to xpacker successfully using 3ds format. This is what the fence looks like: [​IMG]


    I used an alpha png file for wire texture, and a jpg for the metal frame texture. If I do not replace the jpg and png file with dds files, the object model will test successfully in the game and it looks good, as shown in the image above. But if I replace the jpg and png files with dds files, I get an error when trying to load the track in the game.

    I have painted a bunch of car skins for Game Stock Car and have used Photoshop dds plugin to save as dds using the DXT5 interpolated alpha setting on export. I have used this same dds export setting to create textures for my track, like the road texture, grass, walls, etc, and I have not had any problems at all, but for some reason, if I replace any of the jpg or png textures in XPacker I always get an error later when I try to test the track in the game.

    So I have come to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with the dds files that I am trying to use. But why would I be able to use DXT5 interpolated alpha setting for road, grass and other textures, but for some reason the game seems to not want to allow me to use this same format for XPack object textures. Anyway, so far that is my best guess as to what is happening.

    I have so far created a very large pit garage building that has 30 garages, each garage can hold 2 cars. I have created billboards, street signs, grandstands - from scratch. All of these things look great in the game, but none of them are using dds files, because I can't seem to replace the images with dds without getting errors.

    I also ran into another problem... I added my garage building and wire fence to the track and it tested fine, but when I added the street sign (pit speed limit sign) I then tested it in the game and the wire texture that I use for my fence was suddenly using the texture that I use for my street sign, so something is conflicting some how. I tried renaming image files in XPacker and the problem seemed to go away, but then later when i added the grandstand to my track, the problem came back and my wire fence was suddenly using a cement wall texture from the grandstand. So I need to figure out exactly how I should be naming my object material/texture files to prevent future conflicts.

    What Photoshop dds export setting should I be using for XPacker objects?
    What is the best method to rename material and objects to avoid texture conflicts between different objects?
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  10. I tried saving as dds using different mipmap settings and testing it in the game and the error went away. I went back to using a mipmap setting of "all" and the crash did not occur. I guess I was doing everything correctly the first time around, but my mipmap level must have been set to bad number and I wasn't aware of it, because I am doing everything the same way as I did before and the crash is not occurring at all. I am so used to always having it set to "all" that I probably just failed to check to see what it was set to in my past attempts.

    Now I just have to figure out how to get the renaming stuff worked out.

    My object models came out nice, but they lack the realistic shadowing that 3Ds Max can deliver. When I am done creating this track I want to figure out how to drag it into 3Ds Max and make everything look nicer. Lots to learn.
  11. I give you a few pointers on DXT I am also have problems with the DDS Convertor,also NVidia DDS.(win7 x64)

    if you download a Free art package called Gimp 2. it will save them correctly. has dds. has for the corrected methods of DXT levels here a few I listed out of Rfactor Default tracks.has others change there shaders around for results.
    here : http://www.gimp.org/

    Also have a look on steam if you have it, and in the search box type B2M this will allow you to do a single texture,and automatic will give you the rest Eg, Bump,Normal,spec,Ao,height,opacity, diffuse, also it will allow you to adjusted the tiling levels.

    if you look in BTB there a section called Utility's section the links in there.

    MAPS levels:
    Diff (dxt1) Normal (dxt1) Bump (dxt5) spec (dxt1) multi (Dxt1) add (dxt1) Race groove (DXT5) marbles (DXT5) the last two a really Rf2 version, but can be use in rf1.
    DifF=Diffused ,Multi=multiply,spec=specular,Added=erm added

    also remember to adjust your texture size to the power of 2.


    S3TC Format Comparison
    FOURCCDX 10 NameDescriptionAlpha premultiplied?Compression ratioTexture Type
    DXT1BC11-bit Alpha / OpaqueN/A6:1(for 24 bit source image)Simple non-alpha
    DXT2(none)Explicit alphaYes4:1Sharp alpha
    DXT3BC2Explicit alphaNo4:1Sharp alpha
    DXT4(none)Interpolated alphaYes4:1Gradient alpha
    DXT5BC3Interpolated alphaNo4:1Gradient alpha

    I;m no expert on DXT, so hopefully so will help you if the info wrong.
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  12. I appreciate the advice. I am very familiar with gimp and most of the other stuff you discussed. I do a lot of first person shooter game development. Actually, this my first time ever working on something that is not related to a first person shooter game, and I have been creating content for almost every most popular fps game that ever existed since Doom 1, lol. But I am more of a mapper and programmer, and I like to work with sounds too. I don't usually like to model and work with textures much because I don't get much fulfillment from it, but I'm starting to become more interested in it now.

    I can't seem to get my grass or pavement to look good. I know for an experience track builder this must be an easy task, but it has been quite the struggle for me so far. I installed rFactor to make tracks, but I really just want to convert the tracks over to Game Stock Car when everything is complete. When I load up rFactor and test a track like Essington, I notice how the grass and road pavement look very smooth and retain high detail at a close range - and do not look to overly blurry at far range. I have no idea what settings are used to achieve those results. I have read a lot bout various settings that can be used, but I still can't seem to get my grass and road to look good in the game. I have come close to getting it to look good, but it still looks bad when compared to Essington and other tracks.

    There are some many factors involved when it comes to manipulating textures, everything from the dimension (size) of the grass textures, the mipmap level, the mip bias setting, diffuse, multiply and add for grass surfaces, and diffuse, bump and specular for road surfaces, then there are blend settings for blending 2 textures together. I just wish I had a few sample tracks to dissect and learn from. I know how to do most of these things, but I just can't seem to perfect the recipe. For example, if I had the chance to dissect a track like Essington and see how the road and grass is implemented, I could then apply my own grass and road surfaces correctly and get passed this hurdle that I have been stuck on. I've already moved on to other stuff on my list because it has taken up to much time already.

    I was hoping that maybe somebody could send me a sample track that uses grass and road textures that look smooth like Essington. It doesn't really matter what track it is. It could just be a tiny little sample track that consists of nothing more than a road and some grass, maybe some smooth trees and bushes so I can learn how to make those things look smooth too.

    I have been spending a lot of time in Sketchup making objects. I am about to make my own kerb next, like the one in this image. I have made a few string objects already that came out really nice.

    I want to make a track that looks very similar to the Game Stock Car track called "Londrina". I don't want to make the shape of the track like Londrina, but I want to use the same kind of track side objects, billboards and use the same color grass, road, walls, tire walls, kerbs, etc. I have already recreated the pit garage building, grand stand, tire walls, the exact same billboard signs, fencing, etc, and I am using my own textures because I did not want to steal any. I want to recreate the 2 most difficult turns from Londrina the best I can and add them to my track, because those 2 turns are the most fun to me out of any track I have ever played, but I also want to make the rest of the track as fun as the roller coaster feeling that Bathurst offers. I'm very determined, so I will do everything I can to accomplish this.

    I have spent a few weeks just designing the pit area, the rest of the track is currently a large circle, and I don't want to waste a minute designing any of the track until my pit area is finished and my long list of track objects are designed and imported correctly, and I need to get my grass and road textures looking smooth too. If anybody can help me out with some legal texture packs and a sample track that has smooth grass and road textures that I could dissect, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  13. ebrich


    Lots of xPacks and stuff ---------https://www.wuala.com/SquidCap/BTB

    Buy 3Dsimed to "Open Up" other tracks to see how others have done it.
  14. Thanks man. Yeah, that's the same site I stumbled across and downloaded a bunch of stuff from. I spent a few hours adding tons of objects to a track just to see if there was anything good worth using. 1 pack had a lot of nice trees. Some xpacks had stuff that wasn't that great, but it gave me some ideas, which is why I installed Sketchup Pro 2014 later that same day and started using it for the first time. Sketchup is the easiest program I have ever worked with. I mastered the program in like 30 minutes, lol.

    I've heard of 3DSimEd before, but I've never used it. I honestly know very little about the program, but I do remember seeing some images a while back where some guy was showing a race track in 3DSimEd. The images he showed actually looked really bad, so I never gave the program much thought. I didn't know the program would work for an rFactor track. Can you really open an existing rFactor track with 3DSimEd? I have no problem buying the program, but I would first like to find out exactly what 3DSimEd can do before I buy it. Or you can just tell me what it can do, heh.

    Thanks again ebrich.
  15. Thanks Neteye. I've installed it. It's a little confusing to learn 3DSimEd, but I am going to keep looking through tutorials.
  16. well the main problem with your idea is that Essington was made with 3dmax.which has a lot more editing/gizmos envoled. btb is still in it young stage.

    3dsimed I having problems with to in rfactor conversion. (sky.tga errors). others in simed seem fine.
    for conversion to GSC2013 I use The rftools 3.0 here on Racedepartment downloads,
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  17. I was kind of guessing that Essington wasn't created using BTB because of how smooth some of the road turns look. Even the white lines on the road look very smooth, like they were added in separately. When I look closely at the white line in the game, it doesn't seem to be apart of the same texture as the pavement. The way the track blends with the surrounding terrain almost looks as though the track was designed as a dirt track first and then the pavement was laid on top of it after. If I am wrong about this, it still seems to be an interesting method that I would like to try in 3Ds Max, I just need to learn 3Ds max more first.

    I just got through reinstalling windows and all of my programs and stuff and then my computer surged during a power outage and died. I ordered a new high-end pc which is being delivered within the next week. I get to go through the very long process of reinstalling like 50 programs all over again, including 3Ds Max. I also need to figure out how to slave my old hard drive since it has all of my track editing work on it. I'm worried if I can even get BTB to run on a 64bit Windows 8 computer.
  18. Well, I am all setup with my new computer and everything installed and running correctly except for 1 thing... I can't get BTB to run unless I either wait 3 months for for my license to expire, at which point I would then be able to upload a new Hardware ID and retrieve a new license specific to my new computer, or buy another license. This is very frustrating. Is there any other way around this?

    I tried contacting Brendon, but I did not get a response yet. I just want to get back to work on my track, but instead I am completely crippled. I only just recently bought and started using BTB, and I have already lost the ability to use the program. I really don't want to pay another $60 to find out that the program might possibly fail to run correctly on a windows 8 64 bit computer.

    Sometimes I just feel like I have the shittiest luck.

    I need to be able to upload a new hardware ID and retrieve an updated license.

    I also need to know if it is possible to run BTB on windows 8.1 64 bit.

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