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Tracks Track Update Series - Germany Nurburgring GP 0.9

Updated Tarmac , Run Offs ,Sponsors!!!

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    Track Update Series - Germany NurBurgRing GP - Updated Tarmac , Run Offs ,Sponsors!!!

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  2. Great work again! Take a break or you will be exhausted :p
  3. Awesome, thanks :thumbsup:
  4. Great stuff once again,many thanks,:thumbsup:
  5. great work bro, but idk why when i open the file it says the files are corrupt so i cant copy them to the f1 2013 circuits folder..
    any help^?
  6. thx buddy!!
  7. Some pics of the major additions/changes:-

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  8. thanks :thumbsup:
  9. Thanks again! :thumbsup: (running out of unique things to say in the comments lol)
  10. Yes, I know I'm picky, but that's not true or so?

    Otherwise, nice work.
  11. Thanks a heap :)

  12. I know, I know.......:p

    As you guys were putting us in a rush to get the stuff out I copy & pasted a few of my 2012 podiums.;)

    They are not really for viewing in such detail, unless you are as slow as me. Remember my often used quote "not 100% accurate". This falls into that category.:geek:

    I appreciate the post and maybe will work on updating one day, but for now I wanna play after 3 solid days of modding.

    Have fun.:)
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  13. Was wondering why the track looked like crap during my first run there in FP3, then realised that it was codies stock work.;) Great effort yet again pal, thanks.