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Misc Track ui changed 1.6

New ui with original track logos

  1. ltcars submitted a new resource:

    Track ui changed - New ui with original track logos

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  2. ltcars updated Track ui changed with a new update entry:

    Added a few tracks

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  3. Great work mate. I like having standardised UI for these tracks. Only problem is BCC. Any ideas on a UI for that?
  4. What is that track and where can I download it
  5. Black Cat County, its a Kunos track
  6. I know maybe I will just put a black cat there
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  7. Did it ;)
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  8. Good work. I like what you did. Now my tracks list is complete
  9. Do you have every track really done? That would be amazing!
  10. Only the ones worth driving.There's actually quite a lot of mod tracks released for AC. Appreciate your work mate. The next one for you to do would be the fantastic Thomson Grand Prix track but no rush