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Track Performance Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by p00se2, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hello

    there is a small portion of my track that drains performance
    deleted all objects and redid the terrain but fps still go down to 25~

    what i dont understand is why - there are other parts of the track that have much more detail (and hundreds of trees)

    there is more detail beyond and infront of that particular part
    as long as its in my view it drains fps - when i drive out its OK

    deleting all objects in the vicinity redoing terrain had no effect
    (redid terrain and pulled the outside vertices up to the sky (to block everything behind it) but no effect - fps still get drained)

    image s hows what it looks fully detailed - as you can see there are other parts that contain a load detail and run just fine


    any hints on how to trouble shoot this are appreciated

    thanks in advance !
  2. I don't think rFactor blocks things obscured by other things, so it could be that there are actually many things being drawn, but you can't see them. Try experimenting with the LOD-out values of objects whose view should be blocked by terrain, but isn't. You can go into the terrain window and use the 'hide unselected' box to see what objects are really being drawn.
  3. if rfactor really isnt blocking anything i would expect the fps to go down in other places as well and much more dramatically
    but its just that spot

    should i put in a higher or lower LOD value ?
  4. Hi, I once had a big fps hit from a tree-wall with lots of nodes, also casting a shadow (texture). If you've got something like that it might be worth a look. If you do, maybe reduce nodes and shadow level
  5. loaded up my fulldetail track version - turned off shadow and lowered the LOD from 2000 to 1300 - can drive the FPS void @ 60 fps now :D

    thanks guys !