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Apps Track Map Display 1.15

track map display generate map.png map.ini

  1. Neys submitted a new resource:

    Track Map Display - track map display generate map.png map.ini

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  2. where do i put the individually downloaded maps? What should the folder structure look like?
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  3. they should go in


    where <trackname> should match the name of your track (should be same as under


    and <suffix> you can choose to be whatever you like.

    (Normally there should not be the need for downloading maps, you can easily generate maps on your own.)

    Hope this helps
  4. Actually if an Track does not show an map in game, go into The track folder delete "Map.png"
    Go into the "data" folder and delete the map.ini

    Reload the track an you have an map!

    This said I love this app for all the other features!;)
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  5. This is not necessary - there is a button to iterate through the available maps (the one with two arrows pointing left/right).
  6. Sorry you misunderstood, What I say is,
    There is no need to write an missing track map in your app or download maps at all!
    If an mod track is missing the map just delete the files I mention and AC will create the map based on the layout! ;)

    Thanks!I I use your app in all races!
  7. Ah - didn't know that by now! Thanks for information!
  8. Neys, can you give a step by step guide to use this app as I am struggling to get it to work, Thx in advance
  9. I've lost the original post, sorry. Didn't find time by now to update it by now. Have a little patience (it's going to last some days...)

    very short guide:
    1. unzip into <assetto corsa install dir> (for me, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa) , such that the app folder gets integrated to the already existing one.
    2. enable the app in the launcher under Options->General->UI Modules
    3. start a session, enable the app in the sidebar (search for MD icon)
    4. you should see a map displayed (use a KUNOS track first).
    5. click on it to see the buttons with which you can record/save tracks and choose the map to be displayed, and choose the color scheme.

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  10. vbabiy

    Premium Member

    Is there any way to have it rotate the map so it is following your direction?
  11. No that's not possible with the python API...
  12. Hello guys my problem 'that do not I see more' no map but only the darts of the car, if I try to register after a portion of the red line track stops, and so do not register.
    The exact path to extract the file after decompression app and content which '? I may have done something wrong? if you can help me thanks in any case.
  13. I also realized that the red line stops after some while. This seems to be a new behaviour of AC. BUT: The recording does not stop when the line stops. So try to record until you get the message that the recording is finished and afterwards save it. If you still have problems, please post your py_log.txt and log.txt here.

  14. Hi now whith new up date it's ok tanks:thumbsup:
  15. Neys updated Track Map Display with a new update entry:

    Non-race session coloring regarding out-laps / respect focused car

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