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Track IR & F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Derek Day, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. I've been out of the loop for a long while and just downloaded F1 2010 the other day. After playing it straight away because I've been slacking. I never bothered starting up my track IR because I left my hat in my car.

    So I got my hat, put my clip on, turned on my track IR and low and behold no head movement in cockpit view. What gives? Any of these talented modders solve this yet?

    I looked around real quick in the mod section but never really seen anything that applies to track IR but if there is one, where may I find it? It drives me nuts to not look through a turn, so any answers would be awesome :)

  2. There should be native support on a virgin install Derek. I installed a camera mod and found my TrackIR was no longer working. Reinstalled and patched and all is right again.
    I'd imagine you have the TrackIR running on other software including the v5 software?
  3. Thanks Glenn, I use the trackIR v5 but didn't know they updated it, guess its been well over a year now that i've even checked. I'll go to natural point now and get the latest version.
  4. Well checked natural point and no dice. The game list is updated and I have my trackIR update its self. I did unzip the update game title file on the site and installed it but F1 2010 still isn't there. I even tried playing it with grid selected lol..... but no go.
  5. I don't have the game listed either in the TrackIR software. Still works.
    Perhaps reset all of your controls to default for whatever wheel/controller you're using and see what shakes.
    Just to be clear, you can see movement in the TrackIR software and other games?
  6. Are you starting Track IR and confirming it is working before you load the game? It won't work if you load it after the game. FYI I never use the profiles feature. I just put 'em on and go!
  7. I open trackIR, get in my seating position and set myself up. Then I load F1 2010 through my logitech profiler just like I do with race07 and what not. I don't use the trackIR profiler for this, only flight sim because of all the different axis, yaw, pitch and smoothness that absolutely spot on.

    Its still not working and I just reinstalled trackIR. Im actually paused at the start of 2nd practice in Melbourne. They expect me too quali 15th and finish 12th with this virgin lol......Im going to get mugged!! Last race was a total fluke, my team mate speared me in turn one at the start, I totally had to change my strat and do a long steady stint and some how managed 16th. The gap to 15th was a heck of a lot bigger then the time I loss from my douche bag of a team mate, so if I get my trackIR working with this I would be so happy to see whats where in turn one so I dont get creamed. hahaha

    So any help with this would be greatly appreciated
  8. F1 is detected as Dirt 2 and it only works in cockpit view. Try changing the Dirt 2 profile from default or perhaps you have look left/right assigned to the controller? I don't know, just a thought.

    It didn't work for me right away, but it sprung to life after a check for game updates and changing the profile. Good luck!
  9. I had it work with F1 2010 right from the start. I have had issues with TIR not responding in games if I don't run them as administrator (this only happened on Win 7, I didn't need to on Vista). If you have the Steam version then starting Steam as admin will do, all games you launch will then be run with admin status, and as Derinahon pointed out the TIR software recognizes it as Dirt2 so that is the profile you will want to customize for the game.

    If you are already running it as Admin, my apologies for being redundant :tongue:
  10. Awesome! Thanks a bunch, ill give that a go asap. I tried grid as a profile but never thought to give it a go on dirt2 which would make even more sense. I find the time of day in Melbourne with the sun setting is brutal on the eyes, but its likely just me.

    Well fingers crossed and thanks again, i'll try admin now that its reinstalled and forgot to always run as & dirt2. Cheers :)
  11. Well all I'm super sorry to keep this thread going, but I can't get this to work!!

    So this is what I did, after I tried the below mentioned and had no luck. I then pulled the whole computer apart (winter service), replace the battery for the bios, re-flashed, left stock setting on everything to retry, down loaded the new Nvidia driver to v260.99, re-installed trackIR but used version 4.1.037 b.... I can't find my vector disc so it must be in my storage locker 400km away, but that shouldn't matter because its with this version and is more for 2D application I believe.. It's the trackIR 3... I've had it for years now and has never given me greef, only time I ever had to fart with it was for NFS and that title never even supported trackIR. Made sure my USB ports are working and updated, plus pluged it directly into the boards USB port.

    Sorry to burden all of you with my dilemma, but theirs so much eye candy in this and you just seem to get way more engulfed with what your doing with trackIR, your rhythm, lines and consistency are always top notch and its easier to control the pace to put faster guys out of positions with out costing yourself much time in the process. That and just it way more cooler!!

    Any ideas?? ........................ Please =)
  12. Please.......For people who are using trackIR, what are your settings?? I have all the look features under the custom wheel settings unassigned. Im itching to race.:f1:
  13. Helmut Skrdla

    Helmut Skrdla

    I'm sorry, but for me version 4 with software 4 simpled worked out of the box, I just edited the Dirt2 profile afterwards to make it fit, but it worked with no extra edits from the start. Is the blue light even coming on on the unit (showing that a supported game has been detected?)
  14. It was on, I even tried f9 a few times and f12 to center but no movement in cock pit view at all. Im still waiting to do my race in Melbourne, but doubt ill ever bother until this works. =(
  15. For me trackir works but I cannot center it from within the game. It seems the F1 2010 is trapping all keyboard input. I have to alt tab out of the game and then centre the view followed by returning to the game. This have been the cause of the occasional crash but it is worth it for the sheer immerision of being able to move my head about, up down sideways and back and forward in the car.

    I have vista 32 bit. Trackir 4.1 Build 37.
  16. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    I have heard that virus / firewall software can cause a problem. The reason I know this is that i sold one to a guy on ebay and he came back saying that it didnt work. After much investigations it was some kind of conflict with his security / virus software.

    I must be a bit of a lightweight as when i used track IR I almost instantly projectile vomiited.
  17. James I don't think it is the firewall. My trackir works perfectly with my other main game - Rise of Flight - a WW1 combat flight simulator.

    I just wanted to say for the record that I have investigated this matter and think that this is an issue specific to F1 2010. I do not think it is really a big problem as it is possible to centre the view by alt-tabbing and once set it is very stable, and as I said above the amount of immersion from using trackir with 6DOF is incredible.