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Track grip

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Mitch Keys, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. In future updates for BTB is it a possiblity to add in grip levels to a surface. This would aid people building road circuits by making a "dirty" line. Also dirt tracks becasue dirt tracks need various grooves and loose dirt up top. So maybe Brendon could consider something like this?
  2. i've been keen for all data in the text files (aiw,tdf,gbd) to be entered and stored in btb. hopefully it will be there if he gets to v1. it sounds like he has gotten himself busy, so that might be a while. so i'll wait for aiw in v0.8

    the good news is you can select which of the tdf materials have which properties (roada, rdax, rged, gras etc) within btb materials right now. then if you want custom values, type up your data and make a copy for the btb /support folder. that will set them for all your tracks though, so back up the orig.

    but yeah, dirty lines and such sounds like fun.
  3. Not very painfull to create a "dirty" and "clean" lines in track. You're only need to use more than one material in your track surface, even they use the same textures. For example, one tarmac001 in center and tarmac 002 in dirty border.

    Change the grip for road001 and road002 (or whatever name that you set) in TDF file is enough for get more than one grip in track. By the way, the default tarmac grip in BTB is a quite slippery to me.

  4. Hmm how did i miss this haha. Satangoss, that is exactly what I want to do. What I need to know though is how do I split the track surface in 2 or more to apply more that one texture? I can only change the texture over the whole width of track?


  5. ^^ Tutorial video on track surfaces :)
    @ ~1:50 Materials starts, @ ~2:25 is what your looking for.
  6. Oh yeah, that looks like what I need, I was running on 0.80 and then just updated to 0.83 when i struck the stupid vista license problem :( Hop that vista friendly version is coming soon!