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Track Encryption

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by mianiak, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. When I heard that Eric's track got ripped it sent shivers down my spine. It really hurt me to see what happened. It is his first track, its a 110% job, very neat and tidy, it's easy to see that a lot of time went into it. This is a huge wake up call. As I spend a day perfecting one corner of my track I sit and wonder if someone would rip it in an instant and post it as their own.

    I am aware that there is the ability to encrypt tracks but how to get it done I have no idea. Maybe someone who knows about this could help point us in the right direction?
  2. I think ISI used to do it, not sure about now.
    But unfortunately the encryptian can be broken fairly easily.
    And no I'm not telling anyone how LOL:no: . Most thieves already no how anyway.
  3. miniak -

    The best defense against intellectual property thieves is to go on the offensive: promote your own work in as many places as possible.

    As RT1971 said, the encrpytion offered is weak and easily hacked.
  4. Sadly I accept what you say about encryption. I thought it would be good at least to stop the average joe from ripping your track but I never even stopped to consider that these thieves most probably know how to do this. I was just a bit angry at what happened and couldn't sit still without out saying something about it. What makes me more angry is that due to the circumstances, an innocent person got involved and it could have turned ugly.

    Which brings to attention another thought I had. Make a sticky topic in these forums with a list of all the sites to promote your track on.
  5. IDK who Eric is, but he has my sympathies. Sad day we live in.

    Thieves can always break windows to get inside of cars. Should we still lock the doors?
  6. Eric sorry to hear if you got ripped. Was thinking of posting my draft/WIP track after issues I had with my PC (a thread elsewhere) but I thought about it and really did not want to find same scattered everywhere before it was just right.

    While I do not "steal" someone else's work and have my way with it- I never really thought all that much about the email fights I saw on the subject- until I spent 5 months trying to make something from nothing...

    I understand a lot more now.

    If a future version of BTB had a way to protect the files that would be great. Like a READ ONLY function similar to excel....
  7. The problem is not the ease of conversion, it is the mentality of the thief. There is nothing to stop a determined mind from stealing your track. The only way to prevent it is to not distribute your track. Yes there are some blocks you can put in place to slow them down. But really how much time do you want to spend on that implementing blocks vs building?