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Track does not load after patch 2 is installed

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Bharath, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Guys I have done a fresh install from the original disc and and installed both EFIGS version(only for retail disc) patch and after second patch got installed I am not able to play. When I try to play any mode after the track gets loaded, it gets stuck in this screen. I am able to hear only the sounds playing in the background. Is there any fix for this problem ? I am also not able to play online races.

    track load problem.png
  2. I have the same problem ;(
  3. I did notice that after you install second patch, in the Grand Prix mode I was not able to see race distances like 30,40 and 75. I presume something got f**ked up during the installation of second patch
  4. Same issue with me, i can hear the sounds but the loading gets stuck
    i am using the latest catalyst drivers for radeon 6750 non-sli and i have tried all anti aliasing options, none works for me.
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  5. Last night i had the same issue... Then i repair my game, use only patch1 and dont need patch2 anymore...
  6. I am aware off that and playing it by already doing that but I was looking for a fix to run patch2, thanks though
  7. If you cant update to patch 2 you wont be able to play online. CM give my money back...!!!
  8. same here with me how can we fix this?
  9. Rimetti il file "flow" originale nella cartella system dopo aver installato la patch 1.2
  10. Grazie Lorenzo :)
    Forgive the "flow" in the original system after installing the patch 1.2
  11. original flow .bin
  12. es geht es geht ich werd verrucket !! :-D danke dir LORENZO
  13. what do you mean by forgive? could you be more specific about it? thanks.
  14. ok translated your earlier message to english, from what i understand i need to use the original flow.bin file after installing patch 1.2.. my question is will that apply the changes to the game that codemasters made in 1.2?
  15. Ok... I will check if "FLOW.BIN" file helps me out
  16. did i understand him correctly?
  17. Is it working ? Because for me after I copied the 1.1 Flow bin it's not working...
  18. before to install patch 1.2 check and copy i n desktop "flow .bin " from F1 2011/ system folder ..apply the patch and after copy and replace "flow.bin" file that u have in desktop
  19. Can you upload your bin file somewhere please ? Because I don't want to uninstall the game... Or a repair will fix the problem ?
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Not open for further replies.