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Touring Masters @ Watkins Glen - Wednesday October 27th 2010

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Adam Eggbeer, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Server Name: RACEDEPT WTM CLUB

    Mod: Touring Masters v2.3 - you will need to request the password for the archive from Ivo Simons, Ryan Callan or myself via PM. Distribution of this file and/or password is strictly prohibited.
    Track: Watkins Glen (GP Layout)

    Official Practice: 19:00 GMT, 30 minutes
    Qualification: 10 minutes
    Warmup: 3 minutes
    Race: 19:50 GMT, 2 x 20 minutes


    Click here to read the password and golden rules.
  2. Entry List:

    1. Adam Eggbeer
    2. Lee Palmer
    3. Łukasz Demolin
    4. Toni Talvitie
    5. Tomasz Demolin
    6. Paul Wright
    7. Christian da Freites
    8. Kjell Stenbeck
    9. Gary Lennon
  3. I see this is busy, sign me up not gonna miss Watkins Glen :D
  4. Oooh, more familiar names in racing staff :). I'd love to have another ride in WTM club, sign me up for it, Adam.
  5. im in
  6. As maybe please :).
  7. Come on guys need a couple of more people for this. It's a great mod, a great track and plenty of chances for some excellent side-by-side racing :)
  8. while i don't think i'll be close enough to the pace to be involved in the aforementioned side-by-side stuff, i'll dribble around as part of a continuing learning experience if thats ok please?

    paul wright booking in (if someone could confirm the server password by pm in good time i'd appreciate it :) )
  9. Everyone is welcome to participate :)

    Password for the server can be found HERE

    If you need the password for the mod, then just send me a PM :wink:
  10. We need 1 more definite by 18:00GMT for this to go ahead. Please don't let me cancel it :)
  11. Ok, i'm in
  12. Server is up :)
  13. Im in
  14. Me too plz.
  15. Connection lost :frown:
  16. You can join now for race 2 Christian :)
  17. Hi chaps,
    Sorry i got discoed during race 2, we had a connection drop here (but i was already out having got crossed up out of the GP section, lost it across the track, hit the inside wall and picked up a puncture so i was watching the increasing frenetic race between Adam and Gary? in the volvo). Really enjoyed tonight thank you :)

    To quote an oversized american politician.....'i'll be back' lol

    Cheers again, massive fun.....wrighty
  18. Really really good couple of races despite a small grid,i seemed to be kept busy enough for the races to flash past quickly,race two was particularly action packed with me and Adz defying the laws of the Glen with frequent side by side moments where one really shoudlnt do that ;p,not so much as a scuff of paint exchanged either :D.
    Grats Kjell the Rover pace moneky.

    Thanks Adam & RD
  19. After several connection problems, finally manages to finish the second race :cool: really hate mi Isp, in the afternoon and night is very unstable.
    Good fight with Lee (I think) in the first race, but I push too hard and spin in the last corner. One lap later "conection lost". Second race all alone to the finish, I couldn't find a good rhythm..

    Cheers :)
  20. Oh man what a night.

    Q1: Got 3rd on the grid with a PB.

    R1: Good start and I was past Gary and fending off Lee into turn 1. Lee made an attempt to go around the outside of me at turn 5 but overshot and went off. I now had Gary on my tail and he got past me at turn 7 when the issues with my controller struck and the car straightened up. Managed to tuck in behind and stay with him going into lap 2 where I threw one down the inside but I thought I had overcooked it. However, I managed to keep it all together on the inside and regain the position. The next lap, Gary was trying to get past and eventually did down at turn 8 with a nice move up the inside. This time I was unable to keep up with him so dropped back and settled for 3rd.

    Q2: Poor lap and only got 4th.

    R2: Made another good start and was past Lee by turn 1. Coming out of the corner I got alongside Gary and through turns 2 and 3 we were side-by-side and I managed to hold him off. Now Lee came from nowhere and was charging past Gary and tried to go around the outside of me at turn 5 but he ran wide. Held off Gary for a couple of corners but Lee got back past him and was challenging me for a lap until he outbraked himself again but this time down at turn 8. This left Gary and I to have an epic battle. The amount of times we switched places and in areas of the track you wouldn't dream of being side-by-side through. It was a truly great battle and as Gary said, not one scratch on either car until the end of lap 9 when I ran wide through the penultimate corner, got on the throttle too quickly and speared into the inside wall :(. Managed to get going but the car was crabbing to the right and eventually Lee caught and passed me so I ended up 4th.

    Great fun tonight, congratulations to Kjell for showing us the way around :tongue: and I hope you guys will be there next week :) Thanks guys for racing and RD :)