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Career Total 2 hours of Spa 2015-08-06

Career mod for AC

  1. Jmy82 submitted a new resource:

    Total 2 hours of Spa - Career mod for AC

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  2. I'm getting a crash to desktop with the mod. Is anyone else? It gets to the last car to load then acs stops working
  3. I got it to work(just did as the readme said).

    Only thing I noticed was after a slightly poor start the two Bentleys were gone, never to be seen again. :)
  4. The Bentley's are way too fast indeed. I was in P3 and was able to drive away from the cars behind me but the Bentleys were about 2 seconds a lap quicker. I also need to mention I tweaked the config a bit so that I drove in the Nissan GT-R. I did not like the handling of the Audi R8 mod..

    Also, how does pitting work ? How do I have to pit or how does the AI pit ?