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Toro Rosso have confirmed their drivers

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Georgios Davakos, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. This came as a huge suprise to be when I read it on my iPhone just a few seconds ago.

    Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniel Riccardo will be driving the Toro Rosso in 2012.

    Source is the iTunes app called Motorsports Results.
  2. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Wow, just saw this pop up on BBC and Autosport.
    I like Ricciardo (not so much Vergne) but this is a silly move by Toro Rosso.

    How are two rookies going to do any better than the drivers that have been established with the team for the last 2 years?
    It just upsets the balance and progress within the team.
  3. This is what I hate about todays F1. It is all about money and this move clearly proves it IMO.
  4. Im suprised. Alguersuari deserved another year and to be fair Buemi drove ok but had horrible bad luck with reliability.
  5. Both Buemi and Alguersuari were pretty inconsistant though! Toro Rosso takes risks, but maybe it'll work for them.
  6. On the one hand, this kind of set up is good for bringing through young talent. On the other, how come Red Bull get to have 2 teams in the sport. They don't care about the sport, The owner of Red Bull has said many times that motorsport is an advertising tool.

    If Red Bull have a test team that they can use to test and discard young hopefuls then every team should?
  7. STR = Stupid Toro Rosso
  8. The real F1 I watched when growing up is dead and gone. It is only about money now, talent means nothing.

    Alguersuari deserves a ride, his overall season was positive and showed talent. Buemi wasn't that bad. I hate teams that are companies/brands in reality, even more when they are only in F1 for advertising and money. I wouldn't miss them, if teams like Red Bull and Toro Rosso left F1, wouldn't miss them at all.
  9. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Well they are selling Toro Rosso aren't they? They haven't been running any technical partnership for some time now.
  10. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    Im pretty sure Toro Rosso don't decide who their drivers are. They get the drivers that Red Bull decides is going to be in the team.
  11. They don't need a technical partnership. Red Bull get to test a new driver with a season or two of F1 before they decide their lineup.

    Eceryone else has to settle for GP2, DTM, and all the other hard ways to find new talent, but Red Bull get a free test team
  12. I take it you did not read any of the articles on this matter on BBC or Autosport? :)

    The reason for changing drivers is because that was the whole idea behind Toro Rosso. Creating the ability to let young guys get a chance to drive an F1 car.

    Yes Jamie and Sebastian are young guys but they have still been in the team now for 3 years (Buemi 2). That´s quite a long time for any F1 team, especially considering the main goal STR had (or RBR had) creating the team.
  13. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Alguesuari deserved a seat, I find that harsh. Vergne still hasn't even proven himself in GP2 yet. Should have given Jaime another year then replaced him for Vergne.
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  14. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    So the idea is to ship drivers in, give them a few years then kick them to the curb?
    Poor excuse for a young driver program.
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  15. The idea is to let young drivers get a chance to prove themselves with F1 machinery. That is the main reason the team exists in the first place.

    Or do you think it´s better to keep Jamie and Sebastian until they are 105 and not let any of the younger guys coming up have a chance to really try an F1 car? It´s also a massive difference from participating in test days with an F1 team then it is to run a season.

    They got 3 years of being in an F1 team, obviously they did not do enough during that time period for STR to think that it might be better to hang on to them rather then letting two fresh guys with a lot of promise take the wheel instead.

    Ok, could you tell me what Jamie would do differently next year compared to the previous three?
  16. Jamie have proven that he can improve for every season and that he is just like Janson. Bad in Qualify but an amazing driver during the race. He managed to start 19th several times and still finish within top 10 with a Toro Rosso that we know isn't capable to put up a good show for the spectators.
  17. Do you know how much he will improve? Many guys have started at the back and clawed themselves back up to the position they should have started at. This year is has been even easier to do that with the DRS flap.

    The STR this year has been pretty good aswell taking the fight to Sauber a couple of times.
  18. I should probably mention that i´m playing the devil´s advocate here in case you are wondering why i´m on the other side of the argument.
  19. I really hope Alguersuari gets a new drive, maybe in the Williams.

    We now technically have about seven drivers going for Rubens Barrichello's seat, Sutil, Alguersuari, Buemi, Senna, Petrov, young GP2 drivers, i feel really bad for Buemi and Algersuari, both are more than capable drivers who've developed massively and now had their hopes dashed by a **** of a team.

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  20. That **** team got them into F1 in the first place. Don´t bite the hand that feeds you.

    As far as Sutil goes, is Force India set in stone with Di Resta and Hulkenberg?

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