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Top of the day: Spec mapped Skid Marks

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jonathan Johansson, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Thread title should be Tip of the day, how the hell do i edit?

    I tried adding spec maps to my skid marks today, for the spec map texture i made a copy of the normal skid marks but made them white and gave them specular power 6.0

    This is the results!


    I think it looks fantastic guys, give it a try, i got the inspiration from iracing

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  2. NICE!!!!! Really, really good, i've been meaning to make experiments with semitransparent textures with maps, to make a sort of 5 shader textures...... No i want to try multi+add maps to this. Wow...Keep em coming..

    MR MODERATOR: Can you fix the title, i want to link this post..
  3. Nice! This thread can be really useful, Jonathan this effect looks really cool I'll try it later :)
    I'll post something I have in mind later ;)
  4. :D

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