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Too easy

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Iain Hamilton, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Just tried career mode, as usual, no assists, MS wheel and peds.
    Took Force India, expert AI, long weekend, 20% distance, fastest in every session, won the race by a mile and lapped 3 cars.

    Too easy :(
  2. Might want some AI mods but then you may mess up the game so it's a you will probably have to deal with it.
  3. Wish I found it easy lol.
  4. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    I hear there are still two seats up for grabs this year in F1.

    Mebbe you should give someone a call!

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  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

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  6. Same here. I took HRT, no assists, expert, did a lap in qualy, must have lost a few seconds on the grass and losing control and beat my team mate by over a second.

    It's better than last year tho, probably would have gotten pole in 2010:p
  7. Just to check where we are compared with you guys... which circuit? what lap times? What setup?
  8. Its way too easy to beat Legend (Expert) Ai without assists ,too bad that i deleted my screenshots with 100% races.
    Last time i played agaisnt ai in the career was at Monaco and i managed to lap them all +1 and half of then was +2 .Well i was driving Mclaren-Mercedes Season 3.
    Back in F2010 i was strugguling with the AI dunno why maybe because AI was not affected by tyre/fuel simulation etc.
    (Playing with G27(On pc/Falcon 1.3Mod)
  9. Yep it's too easy. If you want it to be harder take Torro Rosso. It's probably the best made car in terms of performance.
  10. Try driving with standard setups if you find it too easy ;)

    Allways a problem with F1 games..the setup is more important than your skills. I even suspect that the different AI levels are not different AI but the same AI in better or worse setups.

    Why don't they make the in-game race engineer an actual engineer who builds the setup for you based on your feedback and the telemetry. It's a racing game..not a engineering game.. i don't want to waste time optimizing the setup.. i want to drive, it's up to the engineer to do the setup for me :)
  11. having said that.. on pro AI i win everything wit force India, on Legend AI i am 2 - 3 seconds too slow in qually but manage to win a race now and than, mostly end up around the 10th place..weird how pro to legend is about a 5-6 seconds difference per lap for AI cars..
  12. I use gearbox and abs assists, and easily destroy the "expert" AI regardless of mode, track, car or setup. And don't get me started on the AI in tracks like Monaco and Abu Dhabi where I am 8 seconds-a-lap faster than them and if I had done a 100% race I would finish 3 laps earlier. What's next? My engineer telling me I have a coffee break window?

    Also, there is the infamous "Apex parking lot"...
  13. Yes, I was doing Hungary in my career the other night and lapped most of the field on Legend AI twice. It is a bit silly really. Time for CM to lift the bar with the AI in 2012. My friend who is only able to play once every few weeks seems to easily beat the Legend AI. It should not be that easy.
  14. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    For those gifted ppl who find it all too easy I recommend choosing from a selection of this little buffet to make it harder:

    1. Drop any assists that you use and drive in Expert mode. Its pointless complaining about AI speed when you are being helped and speeded up with any assists at all.
    2. Do longer races as the1st lap advantage is too great in 20% and you can just defend. (EG I win Singapore in a 20% but struggle to get points in 75% race career Williams)
    3. Hold your grid position (no overtakes in lap 1 or even 2) while AI come up to speed.
    4. Choose a slower career car.
    5. Qualify on primes
    6. Pit as if they were options.
    7. Only do only 1 lap on options.
    8. Do absolutely no restarts.
    9. Do no laps in Q3 or even Q2 or even Q1? if you are mega mega quick starting from P24 is a nice challenge.
    10. EDIT: I forgot you can also only use fuel mix 1 if you want.
    11. EDIT #2. Of course no DRS and KERS goes without saying as you will be in a non KERs car.
    If indeed with every thing maxed, you in the slowest car and taking no unfair advantage you can not get a race out of it then you are indeed truly gifted.
    PS I agree AI is not much of a challenge at Monaco, but the track is I feel that winning is still an achievement due to the challenge of going fast there w/out damage in a 75 or 100% race.
    EDIT #2. The other thing that I find hard to compute is that I see great videos of guys like Andrew Bortz who is a race winning Alien in multiplayer have a good challenge in career in a HRT but posts like above that its just too easy. I imagine those posts are by ppl who would come to an RD multiplayer race and just make everyone there look like noobs.
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  15. Sorry but even with assists off these cars are far too easy to drive. if you miss your braing point you might run alittle wide but the car never ever become unstable under braking and are generaly too forgiving. Driving an F1 in rfactor requires 100% concentration or you will spin out, I found myself falling asleep at the wheel in F1 2011.
  16. Oh not againnn. Go play RF please. Do I have to remind you that this is a multiplatform GAME with PEGI 3+ index :D It's made to be a game and to be played by everybody not only by sim racers. I bet the license fee that Codies have paid to FOM was a bit high to make this game a serious simulation which can only be played with a wheel. Ok it's easy - play like David said. If it's easy again, come play with us in RD club.
  17. David you forgot another important tip:
    12. Have a couple whiskeys before race. :D
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  18. I actually found the Legen AI much more better than in 2010. In 2010 I would get 100 points in a Lotus by the end of the first season. Here I'm 3/4 in my first in a Williams and only got 68 (25 of which are from Monaco where half of AI are DNF's). The AI still lacks a bit (their overtaking attempts are very reduced, even when they have a 20km/h advantage with DRS open on a straight).
    For 2012 I would like to see the Pro AI as good as the Legend in 2011 and take the Legend 1-2 seconds faster in difference (not 6 seconds like it is in 2011)
  19. In F1 2010, the AI was a lot easier and also a lot varied on certain tracks. The AI were made too easy or too hard on certain tracks. In F1 2010, Bahrain and Canada were too easy + many other tracks. Also, Spain and Britian were too hard.

    On F1 2011, the Legend AI is a much tougher task and there isn't a major change in diffuculuty between tracks.

    As I use a D-Pad, I have to use many assists. I do 100% races with Legend AI and they are a real challenge.

    I know what the problem is though. The AI need to change to the way you are driving, for example, if the player uses many assists, the AI should use the assists too, meaning they would brake in the same places and drive in the same way, this would make overtaking more diffucult and make the race pace slightly more realistic. The same could be done with any assist function's meaning you get a hard and realistic race no matter what your driving skill is.