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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Sebastien Levret, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    Have you notice some modification of the behavior with the parameters Toe in/out for the seat ?
    Because I try to modify it, but i didn't see major change.

    Thank you.
  2. did you look at the temps of your tires? I'm sure they changed a LOT

  3. Don't move much away from "stock" settings... sure then your car might turn in better into a corner, but then your tires go away much faster ;)

    Btw, I've seen very unsymmetrical setups to toe in/out...
    I wonder if those are effective in anyway (well maybe to correct a very unstable/unbalanced car, but then again, I would go by another “route”)?
  4. Whilst I am here though ... toe in / out should change how well the front wheels turn into a corner, but at the expense of speed and tyre wear:
    More negative toe in, more "grip" but slower straight line speed and more tyre wear
    Less negative toe in, less grip but more straight line speed and less tyre wear

    EDIT: Try Oschesleben, take the toe-in to 0 and drive, then put it to around -1.0 and drive again - you should notice a difference. If not, maybe soften the front suspension / ARB a bit and try again - you should feel a difference there mate.
  5. I notice some modifications of the temperature. For the rear wheels, with a Toe in (positive value), the temperature of the wheels lost 5°C. For the front wheels, the temperature decrease also, but less than 5°C (with a Toe in).
    But it was more easy to turn with a Toe Out (negative value) for the front wheels.
  6. Thanks you for these information
  7. Is this what you were thinking of Lee :wink:
  8. ... nope ... that's much better than what I had in mind :laugh2:
  9. i´ve never noticed any diference
  10. ive noticed a diffrence on THAT toe above lol nice!
  11. Well, my latest testing showed no difference for the rear Toe In: I tried 0° till 1°, nada, zip, nothing. It's maybe me...
  12. must be you, try the F3000 as it appears to be more sensitive to toe in/out than anything else
  13. Minis tend to be fairly sensitive to rear toe at certain tracks, maybe try to take one to Cadwell and adjust the rear toe from 0.0 to 1.0 and see what happens
  14. yow! all setup threads should come with a bonus picture special! :flypig:
  15. remember though ... too much toe and your wheels get hot, as demonstrated below: