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Misc TK's Smoke Mod 3.0.0

Mod For All Smoke

  1. Where I can find the original smokes textures?
  2. You can repaire this way↓
  3. Does this mod have any effect (good/bad/none) on the frame rate?
  4. Probably none.
  5. maybe none
  6. Hello. Does this mod have a huge impact on FPS?

    (no longer need to answer my question. Saw the same question on the comment above)
  7. When 2.02 ready?:)
  8. Just 2.0.0.
  9. Big thanks for Smoke Mod!
    Why it is displayed on the replay (3-6 sec.)?

  10. I do not know the cause.
    but I think, cfg data is not mine.
    can you replace to my cfg data.
  11. i used last version TK's Smoke Mod 2.3.0
  12. Is it possible to do a White smoke mod. Like make 2 versions those rally snow tracks looks weird with blue colour smoke.. cheers
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