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Tire Temps/Pressures

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Daniel Higgins, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys,

    can someone please explain Tire Pressures to me and how they effect temps and wear. The reason I ask is becasue I read someone in another tread put "My wear rate was too high so I changed the pressures".


    EDIT** Also Brake temps, when i run with brake ducts (or whatever there called) at 1 Im faster than at a higher level becasue of higher temps BUT do the brakes wear because there at a higher temp or is this not moddeled in the game? **EDIT
  2. Very simple:

    More Tire Pressure = - Temp - Grip
    Less Tire Pressure = + Temp + Grip

    Conclusion: you must find an optimal rate between grip and temp. In addition, a wheel have more grip and good pressure when the difference between external and internal temp is more less 10ºC. this difference in rears wheels usually is 4ºC to 7ºC. It depends about mod.

    For example. Int temp 90 - Medium temp 85 - External temp 80 (right wheel)

    About breaks

    Less break conduct = + top speed + break temp
    More break conduct = - top speed - break temp

    The reason, if break conduct is bigger, wind slows the car, and in addition, more air cool break.
  3. great thanks, all seems a bit too much for me :p Ill just stick to the sliders and camber/toe/engine etc :)

  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    When you are a new simracer its best to stick to the default setups first and only set the gears correctly.

    If you can drive lap after lap after lap on the edge without spinning or crashing and drive consistent laptimes (within 0.5 seconds) then its the time to start tweaking setups.

    I have been amazed lately that people enter a server and say they didnt do any laps and ask for a setup immediately. It won't help at all, on the contrary i would say. Setups are nothing more then personal preferences how you would like the car to handle (neutral, understeered, oversteered etc) and it won't give you seconds advantage.

    Back to topic, a good guide to understand the basics of setups is the RACE 07 setup guide by Ramon: click here to download
  5. Yea that what Ive started to do, normally I prefer to sacrifice speed for grip and maybe a little understeer.

    Thanks everyone for replying,
  6. :plus1: @Bram

    Indeed that is the hardest thing to try and impress on people. I run a series which includes some novice drivers who believe that the secret to the top guys pace is set-up, like it's some sort of magic bullet to remove 4 seconds off their time. Over and over it is repeated that your line is the most important factor, maximising the braking and acceleration in and out of corners that will gain seconds, set-up gains tenths, at best.

    When I get to a new track all I change are the gears and a few things I have found suit my particular driving style, like brake bias, camber and relative spring rates. Go out and do a good number of laps to find a consistent pace then identify the issues the car is having in certain areas that could be done quicker and try to address them with small changes here and there.
  7. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    What i do is take a setup from circuit Which i originaly built it and do 10-15 laps and then tweak it to the other track. But you must know abit about setups because it can take alot to convert them over.
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