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Tips for the Supertouring BMW

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by theravenousbeast, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. I really can't understand this. I can't put the power down smoothly with this car. A great example of this is the exit of the Club turn on Silverstone. The weird part for me is that the car is more likely to spin at lower revs when exiting a corner which makes no sense. I've messed with the differential but it hardly makes a difference. Anyone with more experience with this car? It's probably the hardest car I've ever driven in RACE and I'm not sure whether it's an issue with the setup or is it something with the mod.

    Note: the rear tyres are 5c under optimum temperature with the setup I've been trying to run but no overheating as far as I know yet after a few laps the car's much more nervous in the rear. I think that this may be the issue, the fronts start getting their best grip and the rears don't keep out, thus the very snappy rear. However, I can't get the rears to up their temp no matter what.

    edit: I've ran maybe about 100 laps on Silverstone and nothing I change makes this POS get more traction out of corners.
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  2. I love driving this car - definately one of the most tricky I have driven on a sim. But love hustling it with the FWD cars - very rewarding when you get a good lap out of it - which is relatively simple in the FWD super touring cars.

    That said it is incredibly twitchy out of any corner other than those taken in 5th or 6th gear - it handles corners like the old hairpin at donington relatively well but really struggles out of coppice which is especially bad as this is a long radius 3rd gear corner with a slight gradient so the car goes very light on the rear wheels. I find short shifting and very delicate throttle control is the only way round it (and excellent reactions which it starts slidng from the rear)!

    I think when the car was built the car physics files were not the best and could be improved on, this car is unrealistically twitchy and diffcult to improve via. setup even when running max rear wing etc...

    I enjoy the challenge but there must be a way in the physics files you can add some rear downforce which imo. is what is needed.
  3. After another hundred laps (yes, I've no life) messing around with the setup I've found that very aggressive camber in the rear and 3 times less on the front made the rear grip much more. Now only to find out how to make these to be the default values.

    I've attached the result setup of all this for the Silverstone GP track, if anyone wants to try it.

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  4. Will give this a try later on.
  5. Much more controllable with the above setup, especially on fresh tyres.

    That said due to the understeer generated to make the car more predictable could not improve on lap time, compared to the standard setup.

    So definately more controllable but no quicker on lap time for me.
  6. Tweak the front camber settings (and the rollbar), I've also found that less than 3.0 makes me lose out in cornering. Getting to the sweet spot with it is definitely key to getting the best out of it.
  7. Try this one. It's for Dijon, it's perfect for dialing out understeer/oversteer. This is as far as I could go without the car becoming unpredictable. I tweaked the shocks, those seem to make a lot of difference as well.

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  9. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja
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    This is how the ST cars were run - Knew it before without the need of 100 laps. :D

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