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Tips for riding bike and playing game

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by AyrtonSenna1994, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Hi guy's,

    Bought the game the other day and, well still using keyboard and not really getting to grips with riding the bikes, I'm not sure what the best way to riding the bikes are as I am going off the track, going slow etc compared to AI and was wondering if anyone could share some tips and help on how best set it up and what's the best control method for riding the bikes? Cheers

    Henry :)
  2. I find if you are playing on the P.C , then you couldn't do much better than an Xbox 360 controller. Even the old three sixty can still be sensitive enough to play this on.
    I have sampled most of the powerful bikes with no traction control and the three sixty works great!.
    P.s the two strokes have a lot more kick than they did in Motogp 13
  3. I think I will invest :) I do however have a logitech wingman precision controller, it will recognise its there in game but will not let me change the controls for some reason :/
  4. I always play motorsports videogame with my old but good xbox 360 controller (not the wireless one). I suggest to use it
  5. I shall definitely buy one :) Is there anyway I can use my current controller until then?
  6. I think you can, but some people say they can't save customized controller settings
  8. Yes, I have it and it works wondefully in Motogp14 and in all PC games
  9. Excellent, I shall buy it, cheers man :)
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  10. i use Logitech F310 gamepad and it works like a charm, and I can change controls. Problem with this year's game is that it wont memorize my controls, so I have to change them again every time a start the game
  11. I've bought one of those Xbox ones but I did consider one of those logitech ones! Hopefully they'll fix that control bug in a patch :)
  12. I've got the controller and it works rather well :) However I'm still erm not exactly able to be quick, always being last on the time sheets :/ I need some help on riding :/
  13. realitychecked


    Be smooth like butter.
  14. Getting there now! :D Almost as smooth as butter ;)
  15. One thing I have noticed , on comments people have made about this game is - the bike 'under steers' meaning that the bike runs wide on 'entry' to the corner.
    Like a real motorcycle would do if you don't put the throttle on. I am a rider (yes that is my bike in the picture)
    As soon as the bike is turned , start to turn the tap on as much as the tyre can hold the traction. With Practice , hit the rear brake while turning in to the corner , then get on the throttle and get some slide and revs so when you get full traction the front will come up under power and you will be Flying to the next corner. yee haaa! :thumbsup:
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  16. mantequilla y martillo mate as Jorge would say.....Hammer and Butter ;)
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  17. One more advice....Use tuck in when you turn, you will hit the apex easier but don't use it when you open the gas to exit the corner cause you will lose grip...This is a little bit different from MotoGP 13
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  18. I'm starting to get more competitive now :)
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