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Time Trial Week #7 Melbourne, Austrailia (Wet)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. 6dquty.jpg

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to time trial week this is basically people will drive lap times on designated tracks and post their times here. Also if you could provide some kind of proof say photo or for 360 and PS3 users just leave a gamertag/PS3 ID so one of our staff can just verify these times are not false.

    This weeks track is Melbourne (Wet)

    So basically you can put in as many laps as possible and your best can be posted here:

    The closing day for this thread and results for times is Tuesday next at 9pm (UK Time)

    The race settings are as follows

    Dynamic Racing Line: Off
    TCS: Off
    ABS: Off
    Gears: Manual/Auto

    I needed to ellaborate on this as there are a few people who are putting up times with aids on and these times will not count.

    Cheers Peeps and enjoy

    - upload your picture to www.tinypic.com (or make a nice video)
    - post your picture here at the forum
    - don't upload pictures directly to the forum
    - take a screenshot with your best time showing or of the ranks
    - no driving aids are allowed
    - mention if you did your time on a PC, xbox or ps3
  2. After 40 mistake laden laps on a Red Bull, I was able to do a 1:29.703. My weakspots are at turns 9 and 3, mostly 9 would bust my lap because of missing the braking spot. A 1:28 is real if I get my **** together, and a 27 if I loose my mind. I'm using Ramon van Rijn's setup. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pointers when I see some videos, they have helped me a lot.
  3. well ive just done a 132.391 on the quick set up so i'll see what that set up you're using produces, my trouble is i've not had game that long an started doin a career in a virgin an only got up to Silverstone so any tracks after Silv or like Melb in the wet, are like a new learnin curve, but have abandoned career mode now for TT woo hoo
  4. First attempt:
    Tomas Töråsen - McLaren - 1,25;9
  5. stonking lap tomas.. tell me wats ur secret???

    im gonna suck this week pretty bad.. i bad enough in melbourne on dry conditions.. and wet?? i think i should forget it...
  6. Thanks, Fahad. I really dont know what should be possible here. I have to work more on setup and try to push harder on my next try.
  7. Oooh, this is intriguing - I've never time trialed in the wet, but this will be a good place to start. :D

    EDIT: Didn't check leaderboards before trialing, and got a shock when my 1:25.797 is the best non-assist so far. I know that time can come way down with some consistent driving, so I'm sure Thomas will be in the 1:24s before the week is out (or sooner). :)
  8. @Fahad - Are you using Ramon van Rijns set up or do you have your own? After shaving 2 secs off my time with your set up at Silverstone I need to know. :)

    @Mike - Snap, I came here looking for a set up for the Virgin at Silverstone, did end up doing the GP and finishing 20th, career abandoned for now because this is much more fun.

    This should be interesting, my first attempt at manual gears, I've got a couple of mates interested as well who are in the same position, 360, control pad, never used manual and fairly new to the game so we may get a tight competition at the bottom of the table as well. Personally I'll be happy to get within 10 secs of the top times.
  9. @bob - i haven't tried the track yet.. im at work.. i will have to go home and first drive a few laps with default setups.. and then maybe work out something from there.. and pls bring all your friends into the competition.. its not a matter beating tomas u know.. u get to share.. and most importantly.. improve ur own skills..
  10. I can't get to work because of the weather here so I've done a bit of work from home this morning, now it's time for F1. One of my friends has joined already so hopefully he'll have a try today as well.
  11. @bob - tats nice to hear.. im off to home now.. will give it a go once i get there..

    @derek - congrats mate.. its between u and tomas i see this time..
  12. Woohoo, just got a 1:37.516 (I think) first ever non assist time on the leaderboard. :) 658th on XBox Live but only looks to be a handful above without assists. I made a lot of mistakes (forgetting to change gear for one) and was over cautious as well, I'm sure I can bring that below 1:35..... Famous last words. Anyways, need to go back to work now but I'll hopefully get another chance tonight.
  13. Well at the moment youre leading mate, so dont hype me down to 1,24 just yet ;) Should be a nice challenge this. I love driving in the wet! Nort particularly fond of this track though.
    PS. And dont forget to post your time with a picture, some people just mentioned their lap times last week and that does'nt count as valid.
  14. i suck at this track... so haven't bothered to give it try yet.. and yes pls.. post ur leaderboard screenshot
  15. Here you go, Derek. Your turn... ;)


    Tomas Töråsen - PC - McLaren - 1,25;461
  16. Very nice, I'm only 12 seconds off the pace. haha
  17. do you use a wheel, Graham?
  18. Oups I tought just posting the time with the gametag was OK, since it's easy to verify...I'll post pics then !
  19. [​IMG]

    There you go, 1.29.6 after about an hour...
  20. I'm running on the PS3, check the guy in 1st place. Sorry for the pic, all I got is a phone camera.