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Time Trial Test Run A Class- Top Gear Test Track Full - Hotlap

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Andrew Skinner, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. right guys here is the first Test Run for the time trials, these tests are designed to see which mode out of hotlap and Rivals mode to be the best to run TT in. to be run in free mode under hotlaps

    Any A class 600 Car May be Used, auto and Manual w/o clutch allowed, all others banned
    Track: Top Gear Test Track
    Laps: how many you want
    Clean Laps will over-rule Dirty laps, pictures to show no assists were used
  2. Andrew,

    Sorry to be rank amateur here, but of which screen do you want a picture taking to capture the relevant data you need to confirm no assists have been used etc.

  3. a picture of the leaderboards will be fine daz il update this with how you do this when on forza
  4. Will this work, because the leaderboard is only going to show your best ever lap at a circuit in that class. If stock TTs were ever set up we wouldn't be able to do it this way.
  5. good point dan, unless what we do is b4 we leave we take a photo of our time but then no way to see if assists other than those allowed (auto and manual no clutch gears)
  6. I feel that the fastest times are going to be done without assists anyway, so all assists should be available.
  7. aggreed mate
  8. I'm not sure about this, my main focus in rivals has been the the stock events, and I've done pretty well in these events, but must admit I have been frustrated on many occasion (especially high powered RWD events) by people on my friends list who use traction control to grab an extra few tenths.

    if you look at the leaderboards on many of these events you will see that the top times are set with at least traction control enabled.
    I really do hope you can find a way to ensure a level playing field though as events like this can be great fun, maybe even draw a few more players to these forums.
  9. Weird, most top times I see are without a single assist ? (Even in the Corvette C6-R)
  10. Really? I'm looking at them right now on forzamotorsport.net and they all show(bar a select few) traction control enabled, and yes, that includes the Corvette C6 R event.
  11. right for time trials im planning on doing one a month on a specificed monthly rivals mode and il trial this january when the next cycle hits expect an announcement soon whoever wins that rivals mode event will get to choose febuarys rivals event