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Time Trial - Setting up the car. Differences between cars

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Kyle Dunning, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Hello there Race Department!

    It has been some time since I have played F1 on a regular basis, having gone off F1 2011 after losing interest in the game. I made setups for every time trial and posted them in the forums, and got so much positive feedback for my work. I wish to do the same again on F1 2012, by making time trial setups for every track. This will give me a good base for future setups in Career, and Online racing, something which I am more interested in doing this year.

    So I am interested to hear peoples findings in the follow matters.

    1) How different are the setups compared to F1 2011? Should we be aiming for similar setups, or has the handling of the car really changed that much, that we now need to think a lot more conservative?

    2) How different are the cars in Time Trial? The Red Bull and the McLaren were the most used cars for TT in 2011, should we expect the same in 2012?

    3) Last year it was easy to post ridiculous times due to all the grip that was available. The car seems a lot more unstable this year on braking, and specially when exiting corners and using too much throttle. Has anyone found ways to counter these difficulties?

    I can admit to only playing the game for an hour so far(As it released today in the UK), and others may have already picked up on certain things. I will appreciate any feedback you can give.
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  2. I like your avatar! :D

    1) Well, they're different but there are immortal setups again.
    2) McLaren is the best car this year.
    3) Pedal control? Just lift off while the car is slowing down. :)
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  3. Yes after reading through some posts, I see the unstable nature is normal and not just a setup issue. I actually prefer it that way, it was so easy to do lap after lap in 2011 without really thinking about it. This year every corner feels like a challenge and can be done wrong.

    I already posted a time on The Circuit of Americas that was in the top 150 on the Xbox leaderboard, and I know for a fact I am missing so much time. Some of those corners are crazy!
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  4. Yeah, Austin track is really hard because there are so many blind corners. You have to learn the track before you can set nice lap times. I could do a 37 there I think but I really can't remember the damn track. I hate blind corners because usually when I look at the corner I can say that I can go through this corner with X speed, but when I don't see it, I can't tell that. I got up to speed on Germany pretty quickly but on Texas... It's hard. :D The most memorizing person will be first at the first month. :D
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  5. So has anyone else noticed if setups need serious changing from 2011 to 2012? Or are we looking at something similar?
  6. Kyle, I had always been trying your setups, you are good at it mate ;) For 1) the physics setuping hasn't been changed so much, it's too simple already to setup the car anyway. About 3 it's just the physics mate, you can't prevent wheelspinning! You will easily get used to it once u start making some decent setups!
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  7. Well, I'd suggest 11/11 anti roll bars 11/1 wings and as low ride height as possible for the track. Alignment, bugs are like in previous games. The only /mystery/ is the suspension stiffness.
  8. Hmm, I was trying 6/6 round Americas and Spa. 6/6 was ok but was hitting the limiter way too easily on both circuits.

    It might just be like last year, where in time trial your better of with 8-8 9-9 or 11-11, unless its somewhere like Korea, Spa or Monza where the straights are more important. KERS and DRS usually makes up for the lack of front line speed in Time Trial.
  9. Hi Kyle,
    So glad you are here on 2012! Used your set ups on every track on 2011, I am not the best only just got to professional on f1 2011.
    Reading through forums a lot seem to be higher front to rear wing to counter act going off track mid corner. Especially wheel users.
    If I ever win lottery you will have a big donation from me for all your assistance last year aha.
    Good luck with set ups
  10. NiCE :thumbsup:
    Jenson is Back, I mean Kyle
  11. at australia i was fastest with 1-1 spring stiffness .