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Released Ticksta sss from sweden

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by jacken64, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Looks very fun! :) good work
  2. Thanks for that Jonathan :)
  3. good track.
    download lınk ? ?
  4. I found it in under 10 seconds.
    Its here :wink:
  5. BtB and RBR

    I'm new to the track making with btb for rbr and i like the idea of close circuit stages but need help in beening able to run more than one lap around. can someone help me figure out to get more than one lap around the stage. thanks
  6. This is wrong place for your post, but here is a solution:

    - after you have your closed circuit track, create new dummy track over it - it has to be open track, because it's driveline must be opened too. The track does not need to be perfect shape - maybe take care for elevations more than for corners.
    - then attach driveline to the dummy track - the rest you can read on a picture :)

  7. ...I take it, then, that it's not possible to take a BTB circuit for say rFactor or GTR2, and then simply have BTB export it to RBR (as a regular circuit)?
  8. I first want to clarify - RBR needs only Centerline. I wrote about Driveline - mismatch - sorry!
    I don't know what you mean exactly? If rF or GTR2 tracks can work for RBR this way? I think they can.
    My idea is to add new track just for attaching (Appending) the "open" drivelines - I recommend to delete that dummy track after you have new centerline. It's not necessary to add invisible and non-driveable objects to your track. They would be not rendered, but still calculated by the machine. A waste, if you ask me.
    For RBR you have to make laps manually - in BTB.

    One other idea is to get unlimited laps in RBR (maybe for testing?) - attach drivelines to closed circuit, switch to Positions on that window and set all Start, End and Finish gates to 0,0 meters. Sometime you will get "Wrong Way" message in game, but you can drive forever this way :)

    Remember - to replace "closed" driveline you have to clear all drivelines first, then attach new to open track.