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Thursday 19th November 2009 - Rally Australian Night

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Andrew Evans, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Sessions: RD Rally AusNight US / RD Rally AusNight OCN / RD Rally AusNight EU
    Car Pack: N2_1
    Damage: Reduced

    Stage 01: Australia - Mineshaft [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 02: Australia - New Bobs II [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 03: Australia - East-West [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 04: Australia - Greenhills [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 05: Australia - New Bobs [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 06: Australia - East-West II [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 07: Australia - Mineshaft II [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 08: Australia - Greenhills II [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 09: Australia - New Bobs II [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 10: Australia - Greenhills [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 11: Australia - East-West II [Normal Good Night]
    Stage 12: Australia - Mineshaft [Normal Good Night]

    US Start: 03:00 GMT *
    Oceania Start: 10:00 GMT *
    Europe Start: 20:00 GMT

    * Oceania and US events will only be created on request - so please mention it if you're signing up for a non-Euro zone. All sessions will be combined together for an overall result for the event. You can only run on one session.

    • Click here to read the password!
    • You will require the RSRBR 2009 mod in order to participate, please see the installation and usage threads.
    • Teamspeak is highly recommended.
    • Please sign up in the following format: RD Name (RSRBR2009 Name)
    • Take a screenie of RSCenter, or save your times, showing your final results at the end of the rally (including the car you drove!). This is in case any of your stages are missed by the server. If there's a discrepancy, please post your times ASAP so we're not adjusting times over 24 hours later.
    • You must stick with the same car throughout the rally (including multi-day events) - if you change, your times for those stages will be defaulted.
  2. Drivers:
    1. Andrew Evans (eeevans)
    2. Lewis Fergusson (Lewis)
    3. Bert Van Waes (Bertie)
    4. Aaron Cloutier (ascloutier)
    5. Glenn Morris (mozza)
    6. Robb Kulcsar (r27kul)
    7. Alex Buhtejev (alexbuhtejev)
    8. David Buxton (DoingABuxton)
    9. Warren Dawes (WAD53)
    10. Nuno Areias (Nuno_Areias)
    11. Daniel Hansson (dandiha)
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
    21. Driver
    22. Driver
    23. Driver
    24. Driver
    25. Driver
    26. Driver
    27. Driver
    28. Driver
    29. Driver
    30. Driver


    dear mr morris... been threatening for a while, sir... and there you go, the 12th new face sitting on the top step... devestating work mate.... :thumb:

    aaron secures a tidy 2nd.... and gratz to alex on getting 3rd on his debut event..... :flypig:

    stage wins spread nicely across the board and a whole load less retirements than i'd have expected.... nice driving all!

    RD Rally Club Statistics
  4. Everything... Returns... To zero. Rally Australia, here we come!

    Shlap my name on that there lisht.

    Mark Birney (Harpo245)
  5. Have to sit this one I'm afraid.....and on home turf too :mad-tongue:
  6. Lewis Fergusson (Lewis)
  7. Bert Van Waes ( Bertie)
  8. rubbish i`m on afters, finish 9:30gmt, :-(
  9. you could always do one of the other timezones if yer around then....
  10. 4 signups after day 1... Hmmm, good or bad?
  11. let's wait and see my young apprentice.....
  12. Sign me up.

    Aaron Cloutier (ascloutier)

    didn't work for me last time but I'm not giving up yet.
  13. I'm planning on heading home next week, so there is a remote chance I may get home just in time to make this one. Since it is the Aussie stages, I'd love to make it, but I can't sign up until I know for sure, and that may be rather late.
  14. I'll 'ave a go Evans-san.
    I'm horrible @ night, so it'll be slow and ponderous for me :shock:...

    Glenn Morris (mozza)

    Oceanic Timezone.
  15. Yes, master.
  16. And now FFB decided not to work :/
  17. I'm inn: r27kul .
  18. Alex Buhtejev (alexbuhtejv)

    Don't laugh please, I'm new to this :car2:
  19. sweeeeet! :welcome: dude.... :nod:
  20. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    May one sign up to this spiffing event? David Buxton (DoingABuxton)

    One would like to be placed with the Europeans.
    If one is not allow then one will sob ferociously into ones cup hands.
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