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Thursday 10th September 2009 - Rally Heaven & Hell

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Andrew Evans, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Sessions: RD Rally HnH US / RD Rally HnH OCN / RD Rally HnH EU
    Car Pack: F2000_13_1
    Damage: Reduced

    Stage 01: Australia - Mineshaft II [Normal Good Day]
    Stage 02: USA - Diamond Creek II [Normal Good Day]
    Stage 03: Australia - New Bobs [Normal Good Day]
    Stage 04: USA - Fraizer Wells [Normal Good Day]
    Stage 05: Australia - Greenhills II [Normal Good Day]
    Stage 06: USA - Hualapai Nation [Normal Good Day]
    Stage 07: Australia - Mineshaft II [Normal Bad Night]
    Stage 08: USA - Diamond Creek II [Normal Bad Night]
    Stage 09: Australia - New Bobs [Normal Bad Night]
    Stage 10: USA - Fraizer Wells [Normal Bad Night]
    Stage 11: Australia - Greenhills II [Normal Bad Night]
    Stage 12: USA - Hualapai Nation [Normal Bad Night]

    US Start: 03:00 GMT *
    Oceania Start: 10:00 GMT *
    Europe Start: 19:00 GMT

    * Oceania and US events will only be created on request - so please mention it if you're signing up for a non-Euro zone. All sessions will be combined together for an overall result for the event. You can only run on one session.

    • Click here to read the password!
    • You will require the RSRBR 2009 mod in order to participate, please see the installation and usage threads.
    • Teamspeak is highly recommended.
    • Please sign up in the following format: RD Name (RSRBR2009 Name)
    • Take a screenie of RSCenter, or save your times, showing your final results at the end of the rally (including the car you drove!). This is in case any of your stages are missed by the server. If there's a discrepancy, please post your times ASAP so we're not adjusting times over 24 hours later.
    • You must stick with the same car throughout the rally (including multi-day events) - if you change, your times for those stages will be defaulted.
  2. Drivers:
    1. Andrew Evans (eeevans)
    2. Adam Vaughan (A.Vaughan)
    3. Cam Wedgwood (Wedge)
    4. Dariusz Swiderski (swider)
    5. Bjorn de Haas (bjornos80)
    6. Mark Birney (Harpo245)
    7. Bert Van Waes (Bertie)
    8. Peter Duivelaar (Pro_Drifter100)
    9. Damien Jones (DJones)
    10. Lewis Fergusson (Lewis)
    11. Aaron Cloutier (ascloutier)
    12. Glenn Morris (mozza)
    13. Jason Halaby (jasonhalaby)
    14. Daniel Hansson (dandiha)
    15. Johan Sälgström (maxter)
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
    21. Driver
    22. Driver
    23. Driver
    24. Driver
    25. Driver
    26. Driver
    27. Driver
    28. Driver
    29. Driver
    30. Driver


    ladies and gentlemen - we have a new winner -> ADAM VAUGHAN!
    gratz matey, this should keep you going till xmas... :D

    fiesty showing from mr hansson, on his debut, bagging 2nd... and damien going heavy again in 3rd!... top 3 pretty much out in their own little group....

    6 stage wins for vaughany, with the other 6 going to six different people... there's a lot of tastyfish lurking here :becky:

    also, special mention for aaron - a dandy 5th on his first evento :thumb:
  4. Would it be possible to make the US time slightly earlier? If that's ok with JAson of course.....
  5. my guess would be not... i think i already had to make it later once for him before... but see what he says, the start time for the us session is totally whatever he wants it to be....
  6. kk :)
  7. Adam Vaughan (A.Vaughan
  8. Bummer, I'm away Thursday, so I miss another Rally.

    Hopefully next time. :disapointed:
  9. Cam Wedgwood

    Cam Wedgwood

    Any chance we could keep the Oceania event on Wednesday this last time?

    I am in either way though...

    Cam Wedgwood (Wedge)
  10. I havnt had a chance to do a rally in ages :( I'll be away r/c racing during this one too. Oh well at least at some point i'll get to do some more when things are slightly less hectic.
  11. I,m in, Oceania time zone please
    Dariusz Swiderski (swider)
  12. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    My wedding anniversary and I want to live :nod:

    Then again, I have half day so I'll see if I can make it a full days leave then I'll be able to slot into the AUS timezonage. :fingers-crossed:

    I shouldn't think! Gives me headache! Ouch!
  13. What does "Car Pack: F2000_* (tbc)" mean please? We can choose cars into all F2000 class?
  14. it means it'll be one of the F2000_ packs... i just haven't decided (tested) which one yet... tbc = to be confirmed...

    will post it later tonight or tomorrow....
  15. Ok, thanks :)
  16. sign me up:) bjornos80
  17. Like, I'm so totally there, like totally.

    Marcas Ó Beirne (Harpo245)

    I like the concept :)

    (He had to change the name to English, din't he? :p)
  18. ...

    Bert Van Waes (Bertie) :clap:

    :D :D :D :D, Oh yeah!

    I absolutely love yr titles btw Andrew!
  19. Just trying to work this out; would the US session be 1pm Thurs or 1pm Fri for me (+10GMT)?
  20. Thursday, the US events are running ahead of the other two so that the EU session is last.
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