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Thrustmaster t500 rs with F1 rim settings

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Paul Van Mierlo, May 19, 2012.

  1. Paul Van Mierlo

    Paul Van Mierlo

    hey guys,

    I was wondering if someone of you guys is using this wheel,
    mine is delivered yesterday,and first of all it looks epic.
    I only got some problems with the setup ingame,the FFB is not really like it should be in my opinion,
    but my biggest problem is the throttle,i putted down the sensitivity too 0% but then still its way too sensitive.
    Maybe some of you guys got a setup that will help.
    Im a complete noob with computers,so maybe thats my biggest problem :geek:.

    thnx anyway.
  2. Jean Marie Zmiro

    Jean Marie Zmiro

    I used this wheel one Week-End during a rSeat Forum in France, and I don't remember having troubles like you actually have.

    Try to update the Firmware (there are many update on the website) and, try to clear all your setting in the Drivers, to avoid conflict :)

    I Have a G27, and after 10 laps on the Nordschleife, I manage to be quicker with the F1 Wheel by Thrustmaster :) So it's a good stuff :)

    Don't use "Exotic" FFB with it, to see if it's not a Plugins problem :)

    Sorry to don't help you more, but I don't have it, just used it :)
  3. Paul Van Mierlo

    Paul Van Mierlo

    The throttle problem ive solved now,Its good but i still havent found a perfect setup for the wheel.i keep having a really little deadzone with the wheel centred,Its not much,but when driving on a straight its difficult too keep the car in a smooth line.
    Im driving with 0% speed sensitivity at the moment,i thought that was the best...but i dont know ill keep trying.
  4. Ivan Hincu

    Ivan Hincu

    I`m using it since November 2011, and didn`t have any issues like You have, so probably some settings in the game itself... I would reinstall everything from scratch :)