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Thrustmaster Pro and Contra

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Greenstumps, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. I've been through 3 T500s and all of them have had faulty, first one just stopped working, second one made some crazy clicky noise as I turned it and the third one when I pressed the accelerator down 100% it would slowly fall to around 60%..... I also don't like how their pedals have no feel, no progression and on the T500 they make this massive clang, was it so hard to put rubber in there to stop that? Then I have to add how my rubber rims came scuffed and one of them had mad scratches on the plastic casing of the base.

    So I got a T300 since it was on sale for only £190 when it is usually £250+ and the pedals are ****... ok whatever but then the wheel just starting smoking, making a loud noise and stopped doing anything.

    I do a lot of track days and thought getting a wheel would be great for just going round the local tracks since you really don't get that long to learn them for your money in real life. However I think I'll just save my money and use a controller :\ These wheels are ****, I used to work at a company once who did stage lighting and we had a guy who wouldn't test anything and send it out. Literally it was one person... I bet Thrustmaster hired him after I got that lazy twat fired and took his job. I have zero tolerance for poor build quality and that sums this company up.
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  2. Sounds like you been very unlucky! Where did you buy the wheels from?
    I have had one thrustmaster tx die on me Within the first couple of hours.
    Thrustmaster support was pretty good for me they fixed it and sent it backto me, it took about 2 weeks from opening an RMA with them.
    The wheel has been fine for 300 plus hours now so fingers crossed It is fine.
  3. Highly unlikely you received four wheels back to back with problems. Seeing that you just joined this forum today to post this. I call troll.
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  4. Wouldn´t call troll. If I had that experience I would also consider registering on forums and warn fellow simracers :)

    But yes if true exceptionally bad luck but it´s consumer wheels so this stuff do happen when QA is not on top :)
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  5. Seriously, why anyone would join just to have a moan at Thrustmasters is beyond me.

    Personally I love my T500RS. Perhaps the OP just cant use it properly? Didn't plug it in, had the pedals upside down?
    Just a thought. :)
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  6. No problems with Thrustmaster her. I have:
    TX wheel with GTE rim add on.
    TH8RS shifter (awesome for the price)
    and...I just switched back to the stock pedals from my Fanatec CSP V2s. I did a slight modification to the brake pedal. It was from a video I saw at iSR. Check out the video for it. It is a very recent one that Darin Gangi did.
    T3PA pedal set is on order because I nee a clutch pedal.

    CSP V2s will be for sale real soon. ;)

  7. The odds of receiving 4 defective products back to back are astronomical. He could have said he rode his bicycle to the moon and stood a better chance of sounding believable.
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  8. I wouldn´t say the odds are that bad :D
  9. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Sounds like you've just been incredibly unlucky. I bought my T300RS last month and it's brilliant. The pedals are shite, but I haven't even taken them out of their packaging as I have CSR Elites.
  10. I've had my T300RS since last November (Australia) with no trouble what's so ever. A big upgrade from my G27. Also have the th8a shifter with no problems.
  11. Derpy

    The Flying Scotsman

    All you guys and your fancy tech, Just here using my Thrustmaster Ferrari 458i (Xbone) and managing to do not too bad if i must say so myself.
    Much prefer it to the Logitech Drive FX i had a couple of years ago however once i save enough i will have the G27. But the point is i have a low end Thrustmaster wheel and have done for about 2 years now and the only thing i have had to do to it is replace the shockcord which i did last week. Not bad for a £70 wheel and pedal set. Oh and it works just fine on all PC games like Race 07, RaceRoom and Assetto, with a few little tweaks on the settings for sensitivity mind you but it's been worth it.
  12. Sounds like Op has had REALLY bad luck with his wheels. My T500RS is like a rock and hasn't given me any problems yet.. now watch me go home from work and it start fritzing out on me because I said that here.. LOL.. just like life....