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Throttle Settings for Valencia??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Andrew McNeil, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,I've been reading that Valencia is a track that you can easily run out of fuel at. Well, I have a 100% league race next Friday (I'm yet to practice), and I would love to know which settings I should use so I don't run out?Also got a 100% league race at bahrain tonight. Could I do the entire race at Bahrain on the 'fast' setting without running out of fuel?Thanks for your help! Andrew(I'm on 360)
  2. I suppose not. This "fast" map drains fuel really fast, you really need to be very careful with it.
  3. On Valencia, I ran out of fuel in a 50% race despite never using the fast engine mode and it was heavy rain at the start. Bahrain is almost as bad but for the fact in career you don't have fast engine mode.
  4. Bahrain should not be a problem on Fast mapping for the entire race, at least I've never had an issue with it. Valencia is a different matter, I find that approx. 10-15% race on standard mixed with fast for the rest works well. Try it out for yourself, set up a 20% race and try to run it all on fast, you'll run out of fuel in the last lap.
  5. Im running out of fuel much earlier than that. 50% race, ran out of fuel on lap 26 of 29, not sure how long I did it on fast. Tried again, only 10 laps on fast, rest on standard, ran out of fuel on lap 27 of 29. The 3rd time I tried I caught the wall somewhere & destroyed my car!
  6. I finished Valencia 40% at Fast mapping the whole way, with 2 laps fuel to spare (yellow fuel indicator came on in the last lap). Maybe it could have something to do with playing manual and leaving it high revs?
  7. I never over-rev at all so its extremely inconsistent which is stupid.
  8. Strange. I've been playing on Valencia for around 10 seasons. I do races from initial 20% to current 50% and usually with Fast Throttle mapping starting off from the grid. Have yet to encounter any fuel issue.

    And yes, i'm on expert mode setting so fuel simulation is on and no assist.
  9. Well I've just done 2 more 50%. 5 laps on fast ran out out of fuel. Tried again this time only 3 laps on fast, rest on standard, ran out of fuel again! AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH [​IMG]
  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I've done two at 50 % but auto box, no issues, Def more issues in manual mode.
  11. Well I just did another, fuel map to standard, didnt use fast at all, & I was careful not to overrev, & this time the fuel light came on at lap 26. I immeditaely set it to cruise, & still ran out of fuel on lap 28 (of 29)

    So it seems the way I drive I need to do 5 laps on cruise & none on fast.

    No assists, so manual gear box, & it was in a Sauber.

    I seem to remember reading something about the Sauber using more fuel.. Edit. nvm this bit, I found the relevant post & had misread it.
  12. Are you running an extra mod or something? I ran 20% on fast.

    It's either that or your driving style. As it's consistent it must be your driving style.
  13. Even on 50% starting with Fast from the grid, i have never once encounter any low fuel during any race. I've heard about Valencia. Is it due to the way your rev your engine?

    I'll be starting a 100% race distance in my next season and i will report back my finding. :)
  14. It must be the way I drive. I shall try another race now with the games default setup (far right dry) instead of a custom setup. It isnt down to any mods.
  15. 50% up your normally at risk from fuel issues at Valencia. I've seen races were people run out in fuel on the last lap etc.
  16. Yea, this 3rd season I have the BMW sauber, 40% as I said, and ran fast mapping the whole way. Car setup is right -1 (no manual setup).
  17. Will over revving contribute to the issue? I'm not sure but i seldom over rev. Usually i upshift before it hit the red LED. And i downshift with brakes which dont over rev the engine that much. Had a few season of 50% and never ever had any issue with fuel at all.

    Or perhaps the longest straights where u set the gear to reach it peak? Give it another notch up the bar so it hit the top line just about when u reach the longest straight?
  18. Well I failed again. 50% No assists, Quick setup (far right) & fuel light came on on lap 25, ran out on lap 28.

    So it must be me... & I have to figure it out by Saturday in time for my league race [​IMG]
  19. You guys saying that you run whole races on fast without running out of fuel are aware of the engine map bug, right?

    if you start with the fast setting from the setup screen before the race, the game puts you in normal setting, and displays it like you're on fast.

    So you think you're doing great not running out of fuel but that's because you're on normal. You have to switch to normal and back to fast to really be on fast (and eat up fuel)

    Personally, I just start on normal, and switch to fast about 20% in the race.
  20. I do manually switch to fast mapping as I macro the key to the 3 diff setting on the fly. And as u mention, the bug is there. So I just switch to fast mapping manually because std mapping is too slow to compete because of the fuel.