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Throttle and brake inputs not showing up in HUD

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by stevej77, May 2, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys

    I don't have any throttle or brake inputs showing on mu HUD, any idea what the problem is?


  2. What HUD are you using?
  3. The default Dyna HUD that comes installed
  4. xnorb


    So, is the pedal indicator even there or are just the bars not moving?
  5. Sniper


    Are you using triple screens with multiview. Im not 100% sure but i dont think it works with triples
  6. Paul Watkins

    Paul Watkins
    The Mighty Forth Team Premium

    They don't work on my triple screen setup so I think Tony must be right. There seems quite a few bugs with DynHUD using triple screens. Like not being able to re position certain widgets correctly or in the case of the Map Widget, not at all in game!

    I'm fairly sure I'm using the right method as I can position most of the widgets where I want them but there just seems a lot of bugs with certain widgets regarding triple screens. I was using Multi View and Nvidia Surround if it's any help.
  7. Sniper


    Yup but the full track map which you can add with dynhud editor works perfectly fine with triples
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  8. i got the same problem ...
    what i did.
    go to C:\Users\x\Documents\Automobilista and open the config file
    search for SubViews ( default it was on 2) i changed it to 3.
    then save file again and start up the game. and the hud works for me now :)

    let me know if it works there to .
    grtz wim
  9. Sniper


    I am pretty sure that actually turns off multiview which will cause mirrors etc to be stretched
  10. if i put it off, then its almost the same...