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This is my first try catching animation from Racer... hope you like it!

Discussion in 'Racer' started by dangar, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. The Cars are:
    BMW F1 F108 from, conmverted from rFactor
    Ferrari F40 converted from GTR2

    The track is:
    Montecarlo'88 from rFactor mod by Carrera4

    There are a lot of fails, I know.
    But I'm working hard to correct it!

    Hope you enjoy it,
  2. You can press Ctrl-F to remove the FPS counter, Ctrl-G to remove the gear graphic and F1 to remove the lap graphic. Theree is a page on www.racer.nl that lists all the key functions.

    Nice video!
  3. I know it, but I would like that people could see it in Youtube, they realize that is ACTUALLY Racer.
    In fact, my goal is to produce some realistic videos from Racer with same (or superior!) quality than the ones from Gran Turismo 5 (well, this is a personal bet with a friend of mine).

    Besides better graphics (shadows, particles, fog, reflects), I need to improve suspensions and car reactions.
    Then, the result should be as nice as in, for example:

    I'm working on it!

    Kind regards