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This game is a failure on console...

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Ben Eastman, May 12, 2015.

  1. Using the TX wheel for X1 and there's not enough buttons to map to the controls to let you map DRS, brake bias options etc.

    Absolutely pathetic....since when is handbrake, look behind and cycle camera an Essential control?
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  2. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm just here for the snacks Premium Member


    If your hardware doesn't have enough buttons for all the functions, I'd say that's an issue with the hardware and not the game.
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  3. Seriously :confused: How many buttons does the wheel have? I haven't seen that problem from anyone else. Really like to know as its the wheel I will be picking up in a few weeks time unless this issue is correct in which case i may have to reconsider.
  4. I have enough functions on PC, especially in advanced mode with the F1 add on.

    However on X1 its dumbed down and all the a few of the controls like the pivot I use for brake bias in Rfactor are just repeated buttons, which is super dumb. Especially since I'm pretty sure there's this and MadCatz that work with X1....
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  5. Doesn't the console version of the game have a menu where you can edit control bindings?
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  6. Yes, but you can't take off some of the "essential" functions, like the handbrake. I never use the handbrake, I'm here to race, not drift. Rather free that up for something useful...
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  7. But how buttons does the TX have?
  8. Stock wheel, not including shifter and pedals, 1 d-pad, 1 two-way pivot, and 7 buttons. However the pivot is synced to start button, and the spare button is linked to A, basically making them useless as you can't map functions to them without replacing others. This is because rather than a PC which sees the inputs independently, X1 driver maps it like a controller.

    The smart thing would be if Theustmaster, Microsoft or SMS could fix this but I have more chance of driving some of the cars in the game rather than that happening.

    Shame because after some minor wheel tweaks it's actually a great game...
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  9. SMS is working on it. Soon there will be less buttons that have to be mapped.

    Have you tried a hard reset of your X1?
  10. It's not an X1 issue, happens in forza too, there's just less to map in Forza.
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  11. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Yep...it's a very big problem. The TX, like all xbox wheels only has so many buttons. But most of those are mapped as "essential" in the game, which is idiotic. What really needs to happen is that a controller and a wheel can be used simultaneously, or that all buttons be able to be mapped independently on the xbox. Hope you are right snappy.
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  12. MS should allow the use of a USB keyboard and mouse. That would solve the problem. PC users have this.
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  13. Definitely agree there. Two controllers would solve it all and give us buttons to spare.