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Thinking of getting this and ditching Nvidia

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Steven Palmer, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Guys,

    after numerous weeks of game freezes and driver downloads, I have come to the conclusion I might need to jump ship from Nvidia to ATI

    The card I have in mind is the ASUS 1GB RADEON HD 4870 DARK KNIGHT PCI-E 2.0 (£145)

    I currently have an XFX 8800GTX 786MB PCIe card.

    Would this be a good alternative?
  2. I've been on the verge of doing this for about a month now, just trying to eliminate all other causes of the freezes first. If I jump ship, I'm considering a similar card.
  3. Sickening isn't it Warren. You do all that practice just for it to freeze in race.

    About the only thing I haven't done is reinstall windows, and I'm reluctant to do that because of all the hassle of backing up then reinstalling data/games etc.....
  4. Is this because of the occasional freezing issue in GTR Evo? If so, isn't it an issue with the latest game patch which happens irrespective of which gpu is used? Sorry I can't help you choose another graphics card but it'd be rather dissapointing to go through the expense and trauma of getting a new one only to find no improvement.
  5. It happens in GTL, GTRe and occasionally rFactor. All my other games are fine

    Warhammer Dawn of War 2
    Red Orchestra: Darkest Hour
    Call of Duty 4
  6. Nope, fraid I can't blame GTRE and the latest patch, although I originally thought that. I've had the freezes with both GTRE and GTL. But I've been trying every piece of advice I can find in forums, advice from friends, even a few wild things I thought of myself, but still the random freezes were killing me. I'm currently trialling an alternate GPU from a friend.
  7. What one Warren?
  8. What impact on performance will the fact that my motherboard is PCIe 1.0 and the cards suggested are PCIe 2.0.

    I know they will work and are backwards compatible, but will it slow them down much?
  9. Think ill be following you Ste. Everytime I start Evo i get a freeze up. And lately been getting alot of that driver has recovered crap.
  10. Yeah got the 4890 from Oc (the link you posted above)
  11. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    So now instead of a developer that should fix this simple bug we are all gonna switch to different cards, lol!
  12. as some of you know i had a problem of freezing .i thought it was a video card issue . ( i have nvdia too ). changed the card to another nvdia card and the problem continued. last week i sent my pc for a total check and found out that the freeze problem had nothing to do with the video card or drivers. it looks like my cpu was working 50% only due to a registery problem or a damaged cpu . after replacing the harddisc and the cpu and making a clean install of all the programs in the pc everything works ok including gtr evo too. i did a few races on line and offline in gtl and gtre and i'm happy to say that had no freezing since . :nailbiting:
    hope it helps anyone and ya i know very good what a terrible feeling it is to fight for the lead for 20 laps and then have a freeze on the last laps and finding my self 20 seconds behind .:sad:
  13. Good job I'm loaded then :good:

    I just wanna race without the game freezing up. I can't wait for eternity for the developers to fix it. I doubt they ever will TBH
  14. I won't get excited yet, I have been able to run for a week or two without freezes before, but:

    I first swapped my GPU for an older NV7600GT out of my dead PC. Ran for a week without freezes, but it struggled like hell with FPS.
    Then a friend, Cam Wedgewood, gave me his older NV9600GT to try. I have run it for just over a week, and no freezes yet. I've tried it on-line and off-line heavily with GTRE and GTL, and it is performing well so far. I haven't changed anything else, except for reducing my moitor resolution a bit (did that for my old 7600GT and left it at that setting for Cam's card).

    I have noticed that Cam's card is running noticeably cooler than my 9800GT too.

    I'll update my results in a week or two, that will be a better test.
  15. Well I had the same freezing on a couple of ATi cards I've owned ( 3850 & X1950 Pro ) in Evo and rFactor sometimes, I still get it sometimes in Evo with this 9600gt but not for a while ( touches wood ) Got it more on my old 8800GTS though.

    Also I have couple of friends who get the freezing on Ati cards also in ISI Engine based games.

    So don't think it's going to be a magic fix switching companies.
  16. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I am waiting for months already and i am tired of talking about it let alone experience those terrible freezes, sick of it
  17. It's worth a try. If it don't work I could always sell it on RD-bay :wink2:
  18. It's a strange one anyway, on my 7600GT on backup rig it's never had a freeze in Evo!


    Hope the freezing stops for all of you getting it! It's annoying.