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Thinking of getting back into F1 201x game

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by My993C2, May 25, 2016.

  1. Sorry I was not sure where to post this. I didn't want to put it in the F1 2016 game forum because my question(s) are more geared towards the existing F1 201x games.

    So I went AWOL from RaceDepartment around 2013. I got into real world Kart racing. I own and raced a Rotax DD2 Kart. OMG that thing is a blast, it's like a mini-Formula car and I can pull close to 3 Gs in the high speed sweepers. But I am not so sure I can spend the $$$ on racing this year especially since I have a sore neck (it's more an age thing, D'Oh). Anyway I am thinking of possibly getting back into one of the CodeMaster F1 201x games. I played 2010 a lot, and also had 2011. But I didn't like the tire bug in 2011. So I just kept playing 2010 and 2011 was ignored. But when 2012 was released, they stopped supporting Windows XP and my desktop computer at the time was an XP box. Plus I had an iRacing account and I just stopped playing F1 2010 around 2012.

    Now the XP desktop is history. It has been replaced, I am now running Windows 10 so that is no longer an issue. Now I wish I had the fancy sim cockpit. You know, a seat, three monitors, blah blah blah. But I could never justify spending the money while I was racing the real world Kart. When I was playing F1 2010, I had a G25 with the G25 pedals. But in 2013 I upgraded to a G27 with G27 pedals, except the pedals had a 3rd party load cell and the wheel and pedals connected to the computer via their own USB cable. So question #1, does the Codemaster F1 201x series support this type of configuration where the wheel and pedals are different controllers. When I had my XP box, I know an GTR2 game didn't recognize the pedals, but iRacing did. So does Codemasters support multiple controllers and how far back did they support such a setup.

    Also, ignoring the F1 2016 release, which if you believe the marketing is the best thing since sliced bread. But what is the best F1 201x game for offline racing? I am not worried about online racing for several reasons. First off it's hard to beat iRacing for online racing (though I did let my iRacing account lapse last year) and also is there even online racers for 2014 or older games? It sounds like 2015 had a lot of bugs and so was 2014 better than 2015? Plus 2015 is pretty expensive right now. I might as well just wait for 2016. Now 2014 is cheaper and 2013 is even cheaper than 2014. Plus I like the idea of classic F1 racing which brings 2013 into question. 2010 was far from perfect. It had it's warts. But I had a lot fun offline racing 2010 and if one of it's successors is better, I would consider it. But I need to figure out of my separate wheel and pedal USB connectors would work. I might consider buying a new wheel to replace the G27. But I sure like the load cell brake pedal. I'd hate to go back to the old pedals.

    PS: sorry for the long post and sorry if this should have been posted in a different forum.
  2. For offline only way to go is 2015, 2014 has such a crap AI - they cant overtake, but 2015 AI is somewhere else, didnt notice some bugs.. But it has no career, just one season.. I would wait ofc. for 2016, because it can get i hope only better, with SC and career + hope no bugs :) just no 2014!! sry for my english.

    PS: 2015 much better physics and graphic, although antialiasing is bit worse..
  3. Thxs for the feedback and no worries about your English. 2015 is out of the question because it's still selling for a lot of money. But if the AI is not very good in 2014, then I might as well wait for 2016 to be released and then go from there.
  4. There are some mods to the '14 edition you can DL for better AI
  5. 2015 is on Steam Sale for 19,99€ until 4th of July. 2014 is 8€, and 12 is 5€.