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Thinking about buying until Rfactor 2 , question please

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Nick Brooke, May 18, 2011.

  1. I see nothing on the site to even give me a clue as to how much it is but i see on amozon i can get the special edition for around £11.00

    Now is the SE really any different at all? If i get this version are all the mods and such like gonna work? and do you think its gonna be worth it when RF2 is coming?
  2. I haved the SE rFactor got it for £4 brand new And all the mods and tracks work fine on it. It is by far worth the money. Its the best overall sim game money can buy tbo there is so much you can get for it and do with it I have had it for about 4 years now and i still play on it at least every other day its awesome. So go get it you wont regret it.

    Also rF2 will be a long time coming yet alot of us are thinking 2012 before we see it. Also when rF2 does come it there will not be many mods on it at first jut like when rF1 came out so you will still use it :)
  3. Have to agree with Wayne. Just waiting for rF2 isn't all there is. As it's a moddable format and designed with just that in mind to will still be awhile before rF2 is up to the amount of content you can get now for rF1. I'd say rF1 would be around for at least 12 months after rF2 is released. The thing that may make it harder to use is if Matchmaker doesn't support rF1. Though this would be inconvenient servers can still be logged onto by IP address. Good to be in a league if this happens to soon. The one thing that I see as a problem is some content we have now want get converted to rF2 because their authors are no longer around as a group. Some track makers are also not working on their track to update them with better and more up to date textures so unless their willing to give others permission to do so these tracks and mods will be lost to the community.

    Don't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, It just became today.
  4. Thank you for your comments guys i appreciate it i made my mind up to get it now thanks