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Things that were better in F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by RomanHouse, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I pre-ordered 2011 and have been playing it ever since. However, for me it so far feels like they did one step forward and one step backward.

    So I have been trying to put my finger on it and have finally nailed things I consider better in 2010:

    - the music and ambiance of success at the end of a victorious race
    - the music overall
    - the performance distance between cars, which now seems way too close.
    - the trailer. Previously you could step outside and it somehow felt more organic. I guess having your agent there meant that you werent completely alone. Plus, I could look around the trailer abit, and felt more part of a given team; not just turning my head side to side.
    - the contract offers. An email? Talk about dry... I preferred the lady telling me: "good news!" + regardless of its pointlessness, negotiating a $ salary added a bit a feeling of progress.
    - the press clippings are a joke. in 10 races Ive read the same repetition of how Ive driven around my team mate. Not much point in reading the same copy-paste "news" days after day.
    - the interviews.
    - the driver bios and the team histories were much more detailed previously.
    - the race chatter, while often completely besides the point, was at least delivered in an engaging manner.

    Overall, I would say the racing is great in 2011. Feels much more realistic, but this was already satisfying 2010. Yet the overall feel of the game is much more sterile. There is less passion. The racing is as good as it gets, but the "experience" overall is slightly worse.

    So I am -praying- that modders can manage to let us mix the best of 2010-2011. :) Basically 2010, with the 2011 on-track action slammed on top.

    What do you guys think?
  2. track action is what the game is about i think the game as a hole is 10x better then 2010.
    For me the game is all about the raceing not the sim side of it.
  3. The Engineer makes me want to cry.


    F1 2011: (Bored) ..what? You won? Oh, good job.
  4. wow with all the things that need doing to the game and you moaning about the engineer?????
  5. I worked my ass off on the circuit I always struggle on, manage a win when the objective was to finish 18th, and he barely notices! Yes I'm moaning about the engineer!
  6. i couldnt care about the engineer but i do miss rob (the engineer from f1 2010) he was great fun the new one is a bit boring.

    the first thing i want fixed is the 11/11 spring bug as its a game ruining bug. codies did a good job but the bug just means that i dont wanna set the car up as at some tracks i run 11/11 springs but i dont wanna have tonnes of grip and win that race

    in total f1 2011 is 20x better than f1 2010,
  7. ?

    The geordie one?

    He did my head in. "way aye pet, put a set of wet tayas on howaaay like"
  8. Pitstops were better in '10 because it wasn't completely automated and you could lose time/get a penatly if you misjudged your braking (ignoring the pit stop bug of course).

    Online was much better in '10 in terms of lobby system, connection etc.

    In '11 the graphics are slightly better as is the handling but in many other areas the game has hardly changed at all.
  9. Just remembered af few more:

    - five seasons..? why only 5? If I want to play 7 or 9 why put in this arbitrary limit? Better let me choose when -I- want to stop...
    - percentage completed message??? excuse me but what the hell kind of pointless message is that? This game isn't something I want to grind through where getting to the end is an achievement in itself. This is something I want to enjoy every second of, so why bring my attention to the fact that though Ive barely begun soon my career is going to be over.
  10. Classic :D:D:D still chuckle at that post! In retrospect I'm not sure whether to love or hate the old engineer.
  11. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Now what WOULD he have said about KERS & DRS? ....... I dread to think :D
  12. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    "Fernando's KERS is faster than yours..."
  13. Last year's trailer was probably the worst idea I've seen ever in a game. It was using as much rendering power as driving on the circuits, and the loading times to get to what basically is just a menu... well, we all know how "quick" were the loading times in 2010.

    I really don't understand people focusing on all these extra-racing details (podium celebrations, victory laps, SC -its supposed to be boring!- walking around the motorhome...), however it seems there are many. I am afraid next year we will have to endure a pre-FP1 animation (with the reglamentary loading delay) showing a plane landing in the corresponding city and the cars being unloaded from it. Maybe even we get to design the menu of our pilot, getting a (bugged) performance hit when there are not enough vegetables.

    I wish just the AI would be as good as many 90-00's racing games, seriously, not more.
  14. It's funny how every team has a Geordie. They get everywhere!
  15. There needs to be a blurred line between Sim and Arcade with this game. For crying out loud. It's Coddies, what else can they do?!

    In some aspects in both 2010 and 2011 the game has been a simulation and an arcade experience. I play both just because I'm a fan of F1. If I want to be competative, I play rFactor with the various F1 mods at my disposal.

    I herd the dlc will include some classic old F1 cars, so I can't wait. It'll be like driving the Audi Quattro S1 in DiRT 3, a thrill, which both 2010 and 2011 are supposed to be.

    As for the "Geordie" pit guy and the "Needs to go to drama school" pit guy. I think the latter is more true to life which I approve of. Just wish he would show some emotion at times when you really need to push to get a lead on someone.
  16. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    I do like the extra information we get from the engineer now, very useful in the course of a race in particular.

    The automated pit lane is a big mistake as far as I am concerned!! It's taken so much away from the pit stop process.. it's boring as hell now. Before there was some tension involved knowing that you had to get the timing right for the speed in the pit lane or else risk a race changing penalty and brake at the right spot or else run into your lollypop man costing you extra valuable seconds.

    I also actually found 2010 screens in the garage easier to read. I really struggle with the timing screens in particular, and the numbers on the tyres forget it!! Especially as I can't find any zoom facility like 2010 used to have.
  17. I agree with your paddock points, it's just "meh."

    Physically, it's smaller somehow.

    Press interactions, at least so far for me are just the same as last year.

    Features such as helmet editing, character appearance edit, team edit, career edit, interactions with other drivers, other teams, sponsors, pit girls :), a more robust career in general, still not in the game (at least not on consoles).

    This is of course made up for by one of the best on track experiences ever.

    It's so, so very close to that crucial balance between fun & challenging.

    No doubt a better game than last year's.
  18. Absolutely, doesn't necessarily have to be a rendered environment especially if the the environment is essentially nothing.
  19. I Miss Rob's voice. And from my opinion soundtrack and background music was far better.
  20. The only thing's I really miss are the pitstops in 2010 and the music.