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The unmodded game

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by F1 2011 Rocks!, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. I've gone back to a clean install of the game, and have only installed graphical mods (cameras, tyres etc) - and even with tyre sim on, I'm still able to be competitive with the AI. While a lot of that is probably down to the 'slow corner fix' not being installed, it is making the game competitive, but fair (for my own personal level).

    So, what I need to know is what files do I need (or which parts of AI mods) to just make the AI more fallible (make mistakes etc) and DNF from mechanical failures? I might run without the slow corner fix for a while and see if I enjoy the game more, for that what it is all about in the end.

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    Just to make myself clear - I'm looking to find out which file in the AI folder does what - for example, the AI choreography file has something to do with mistakes as far as I know. :)

    Edit: OK - update.

    I installed the slow corner fix only - no other AI mods. Result? The AI are going round corners more quickly now, but I can still keep up with them. Even with my tyres wearing out, they weren't disappearing as fast as before - maybe tyre sim does work after all, either that, or one of the mods does something to their straight line speed; before, similar cars to mine were shooting past me on a straight, now it's only happening with cars that are actually faster. Before, my team mate once past me was doing a disappearing act, the engineer would say he's going a second a lap faster than me!! Now, the gap was either closing, or opening only slightly - confirmed by the engineer saying that he's a few tenths faster - probably because the git was on fresher tyres - my tyres were a sight at that point!!

    So, all I need is the bit of an AI mod that makes them spin occasionally - the extra damage mod should do the rest, and the bit of an AI mod that causes them to have mechanical failures and then I've got a great F1 game. Also, did a 100% race with no crashes - however I took a break just before the 75% stage - the time it usually crashes. Maybe that's the key to it, or maybe getting Steam to validate the files as suggested by this post:


    did the trick. This has found the right balance for me, going by that first race, maybe it'll help others as well. So, to clarify the only AI based mod I installed was the slow corner fix - no other AI mods at all.
  2. Apologies to the mods - I don't usually bump threads - but 50 views and no replies? Surely some of you modders know the answer to my question?
  3. maybe you post in the modding section..
  4. Question(s)

    1) You are using the tire sim "on", what about fuel sim?
    2) What AI skill level? Legends? Pro? or less?
  5. What - in the mod request thread that no one ever seems to reply to?
    No fuel sim - it's just going to hold me back, as the AI don't seem to be affected by it - I'm not playing at a high level, but it's right for me - I'm playing at Intermediate. Any idea as to the files I need?
  6. If you want them to spin out more then change the min speed in the choreographer file.

    <event name="powerout_spin" type="mistake">
    <common min_speed="30" message_type="power_spin" tyre_smoke="true" />
    <mistake name="mistake_powerout_spin" timeout="60" />

    And in driver config change this to true <BehaviourRaceDamaged bool="false" />

    I hope this help's, just read your post ! as for fuel sim well that one is still up in the air :wink:

    Cheer's, Dave.
  7. Thanks, that's all I need. Much appreciated. :)

    Edit: When I open an .xml file (with notepad or wordpad) from an AI mod, I can read and edit it. If I open one of the original game's .xml files, I get an unreadable mess such as this:

    "Rr8 "Rr "RrP ai_choreographer set discipline name default manager enable true remove_unsafe_retires removal_distance_track 350 removal_distance_crow 125 lapping_yield_distance 50 friend_yield_distance 25 race_start_distance_1 0 race_start_distance_2 race_start_distance_3 race_start_distance_4 race_start_factor_1 0.0 race_start_factor_2 race_start_factor_3 race_start_factor_4 race_start_factor_5 min_distance_offline max_distance_offline 4.0 max_assist_inside max_assist_outside min_curve_offline 0.001 intro rev_length 3 difficulty_manager leader_pace_enable false race_start_enable race_start_gain 1.0 race race_start_race_only 100 115 10 0.01 0.02 0.5 race_start_all_1 enable_offline 0.25 0.1 0.2 1 leader_pace_race_only leader_pace_min_distance_ai 200.0 leader_pace_max_distance_ai 300.0 leader_pace_min_distance_player leader_pace_max_distance_player 400.0 leader_pace_drop 0.8 leader_pace_max_positions practice_characteristics_enable practice_characteristic_drop practice_difficulty_drop race_enable_sim_simulation event powerout_spin type mistake common min_speed 30 message_type power_spin tyre_smoke mistake_powerout_spin timeout 60 brake_spin mistake_brake_spin blow_tyre_slow blow_tyre blow_tyre_fast blow_engine_slight blow_engine radiator_damage engine_damage blow_engine_total brake_lock mistake_brake_lock network tool ui garage time_trial special "Rr % - 5 < A W n r ˆ Œ £ ¦ ¼ ¿ Õ × í - 1 E Y m – « ¯ Á Ô æ ì ò ý ÿ % + = M Q V k o s v { € „ • ¤ © * ± ³ É å ë
    - M S d h ‚ ¢ ¿ Ø ó ù % ( 5 @ K a i l w Š ™ £ ² Å Ñ á ï ' , / 6 A "Rrð $ # & # , & - I < I C I J I O I T I Z I ` M > L A M E L H M L M Q M V \ X M \ \ ^ M b L e g $ h $ # z $ & { $ € * * ‚ * ƒ * „ * … * "Rr0

    ! " $ % ' ( ) * + , - . / 0 0 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ! " $ 9 ' : ; < = > ? < @ A B C D 9 ) - * + E F 8 G H J K L N O P Q R S T U V K L N O P V R W T U X K Y N O P Y R Z K Y N U P Y R [ K \ N O P \ ] + ^ 6 _ K \ N O P \ ] + ^ + ` K L N O P ` R a T U b - . / 0 0 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ! " $ 9 ' ( ) - * + H c d e f g (

    How do I get it so it's in a neat list like with the files from the mods? Did you have to do all that yourselves before uploading?
  8. use the binary xml converter.. and convert the binary encoded xml to text format which is readable..