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The Ultimate Triple Screen Monitor?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by stefaandk, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. I posted this on the iRacing HW forum but for those that aren't iRacing I hope you find this an interesting product to at least know about, do non iracers even exist though? (I may have touched upon a sore spot there :p)


    Gsync: Tick
    2560x1440: Tick
    144hz: Tick
    Vesa Mount: Tick
    Nice thin bezel: Tick

    After the hype on G-sync things went pretty quiet but here we are all of a sudden and I'm really pleasantly surprised.

    I certainly did not expect a res higher than 1080p or at least not initially and all the other features make this an extremely attractive monitor for a triple screen config, yes it will take some juicy hardware to run but for the sake of the argument lets say they are purely problems that are easily solved with money this is still a surprising product imo.
    Usually I look at a product and always find some flaw with it, always missing something I find essential but here I really don't, unless you want to throw in the 4K IPS panel argument but 1440p is a very visible step up from 1080 though.

    I can really only think of one better option which is the rift, maybe..... hopefully.
  2. So hard to listen to a guy with that accent and that shirt :)
  3. This monitor has been getting a lot of attention however for a triple screen setup, its way ahead of its time. It checks all the boxes except for the fact that you can't buy a video card setup today to run three of those screens if you like your graphical eye candy. 2560x1440 x3 = 7680x1440 is an insane amount of pixels to run on any graphically demanding game which most racing sims are once you crank up the details. This monitor is great for a single gaming monitor, but triples are practically out of the question for about 2 years.
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  4. I agree. Its an amazing screen. No need to de-bezel when theres almost no bezel. And its VESA mountable. Good call Asus.

    However I'd say until we see at least the Nvidia 880 series, likely in SLI its going to be a trade off game of fps to res to effects again.

    As for the price of £720 thats going to be a be a major spend for triples. How much does a kidney go for these days?
  5. I'm going to say we're two generations of video cards away from having an SLI setup that will run three of those screens at 144Hz. Its possible probably next generation to get a decent 60fps but that sort of sucks when these monitors are capable of 144Hz. G-Sync means that you can at least run them until suitable hardware is available but who knows what monitors will be available in 2 years from now?
  6. DesKane

    dksRacing Kaney Premium Member

    TTL ……… LEGEND !
  7. DesKane

    dksRacing Kaney Premium Member

    Do love this monitor, but want 3 and is beyond my price range, the best price I have seen so far is £599.

    just looking about as I am seriously looking at a triple monitor setup and the Acer XB270HA 27" these are looking like a strong contender so far for cost and features, G sync, 144hz @ 1920 x1080p.
    In fact i shall ask the wise thoughts of the forum ………….
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