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The Ultimate F1 2012 mod.

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Rian Speed, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Preview of the upcoming rFactor: Unleashed mod featuring formula 1 2012 season and ultra graphics mod.
    this is a completely raw rFactor gameplay,no extra post process was used by video software.

    Rate,comment and subscribe! More to come soon.

  2. Wow, looks absolutely amazing!!! Is there something like that with 2010's Formula 1 season? I prefer the non-platypus noses :D

    And where can I download the Ultra Graphics Mod? The Hell, I will have to look for my rFactor again...
  3. thanks...ultra graphics will be included with rFactor:unleashed. I'll give separate download.

    may be u can try this one out...F1 2006 season.
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  4. Wooow, looks really cool - but unfortunately I've really been looking for 2010 season :) I loved the Ferrari of those days, it was the most beautiful one in many years, in my humble opinion :)

    Looking forward to the Ultra Graphics download - hope my good old computer will be able to do it :D

    And I'm REALLY looking forward to rFactor: Unleashed!
  5. thanks :D will include a download link of 2010 mod :thumbsup:
  6. Hurray! My gosh, I GOT to find a new copy of rFactor :D

    rFactor: Unleashed is just going to be so freakin' epic!
  7. Yes it will be! and the release date.....20/08/12!
  8. so...
  9. hi guys do you know any good f1 league in rfactor?