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The travel path of Formula 1 over a season

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Hampus Andersson, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Pretty insane how much they travel back and fourth over the globe :)

    Would be better i think to do all American races at the same time, All the european ones at the same time, and the Middle east/Asian races at the same time.
    But i know there are issues preventing this, like weather, time of year etc.

  2. Tilke will probably make a race track which looks like that. Loads of long straights and hairpins.
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  3. If you don't count Canadian GP, then all the European races are in one long stint. First far-east, one stop in the middle, then europe, back to far east, two stop in the middle (including India...) and finish in the Americas.

    Those two middle eastern races are sooo boring that i'm glad they are hidden somewhere in the calendar instead of back-to-back.. Well, maybe that would be the best, drive them both week apart, just got them over with and continue with real race tracks... Did i mention i hate those track? :mad:
  4. You mean like Austin?
  5. Just so you don't need to search, dear reader.. ;) Austin layout.
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  6. Here´s a better version.

    T3-T10 is high and med-speed esses. T15-T19 is a layout in honor off Turn 8 at Turkey.
    Sure there are some straights, it has to be.

    Long straight is 1km, the rest are really minute.

  7. Am I crazy or this track is like Magny Course from Tilke's creations? Only the Suzuka part doesn't fit.

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  8. Haha that was pretty hilarious :)

    Turkey turn 8 - Maggotts/Becketts complex - Arena from Hockenheim but inverted.
    Rest is new.
  9. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Turns 3-10 on that track are pointless, no chance of overtaking there. Pretty sure I could design a better track than that :/
  10. So you're saying Suzuka S1 is pointless? :)
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  11. Don´t mind him, he´s obviously forgot his medicine :)

    Just dissed the best part of the whole track ;)
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  12. Challenge accepted!

    T8 exit speed is the key for the overtake in T10 but in order to get that you need a good T7. T6 is equalizer, ie the speeds are neutralized from the combo T3-T5.. T12-T15 are more pointless, there's not going to be overtakes there and no real combos to measure driving skills, but i could be wrong, We have not yet seen a onboard lap.. T12-15 looks like short stop&go straights, nothing is gonna happen there. T16-18 i think there is only one drivingline like in Istanbul and T19 possibly is not an overtake chance..

    If you only want overtakes, then lets do only straights and hairpins...2 straights, two hairpins, two DRS zones.. A perfect track
  13. You could probably find YouTube videos of the track in rFactor. Can't embed because I'm on the phone right now. It has a European feel but I don't think the track flows very well. Of course I haven't driven the track yet.
  14. T10 is without a doubt flat so overtakes will happen during braking for T11.

    Not sure why some corners are pointless, with the same thinking all of Suzuka is pointless pretty much.
    T1-T11 is all about driver pleasure. And driver skill.

    T16-18 is all about the car. T11-12 is all about engine, drag & brakes. T13-T15 is mechanical grip.
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  15. Yeah :rolleyes: T11 not T10, just a simple mistake. I don't think they are pointless, but from the look of the layout, T12-15 are those that are the least useful, too short to get overtaking possibilities and there is very little to gain from small mistakes, small in the sense of missing the apex by 1m...What we don't see from that layout is what elevation there is, that changes things a lot. I like tracks that are more 3D than just flat turns.

    If i had to make gueeses why the T12-15 exist is that there is grandstands packed so that spectators can see multiple turns. For a driver they look boring.
  16. There's supposed to be a lot of elevation change. I know braking into turn 1 is up a STEEP hill kind of like that corner in india but bigger.

    I'm sure it's there to emulate hockenheim's stadium section, which doesn't do a lot for racing either but gives people something to watch. IMO the best seats will be in turn 1 grandstand, it's the highest point so you could theoretically see the whole track from there.
  17. That's good news, finally Tilke is returning to what he's good at... Maybe al the bad rep he's got from those "Tilke-tracks" in the East is affecetd him.. He has stated that Nordsleife is his favourite track in the world.
  18. India have 15m of elevations. Austin will have 40m..

    But the most important thing is elevation in relation to distance. That is what decides if there are a roller coaster or not.

    I would not call T12-15 pointless, it´s a techincal section which showcases the mechanical grip of the car and the driver in some way.

    What i would say is pointless, if anything is T19-T20. But we don´t know, it could be like in India with extremely wide entries allowing for an opportunity to overtake.

    Or the long 1km straight. Now that is boring. Cars hit top speed at half the distance or so and teams are forced slightly to take the straight into consideration in terms of downforce.
    Had it been corners, the apex speeds of all corners would probably go up slightly more.

  19. This is getting off topic. We should probably make a COTA thread to discuss the track.

    OT: It's clear the F1 calendar is the way it is because of the different climates and seasons of each country. That's why New Jersey and Montreal are back to back and all the European races are pretty close together.
  20. Blown Diffuser sounds spot on cant believed CM miss this, this track is going to be interesting